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Top 10 Temecula Communities | With Home Searches

The goal of this blog post is to give an overview of the 10 best places to live in Temecula. Below each community, you will have a separate link that will bring you directly to in-depth information on each one of these communities. You will learn about HOA costs, taxes, parks, amenities, and location. You will even have an individual home search set up specifically for that community. This information comes directly from the MLS and is updated daily. These communities are in no particular order, are all unique, and have their own benefits.

Wolf Creek

Wolf Creek is a community with around 1,800 homes that was built in 2003. One of the things we love about the Wolf Creek community is its convenience. It’s close to the freeway, shopping, casino, and nightlife. You also have Patricia Birdsall Park, which is probably the largest sports park in all of Temecula. If you have young kids involved in sports, this is a great opportunity to live close by and get involved without spending hours every week driving. If you would like more information on Wolf Creek and a designated home search specifically made for the Wolf Creek community, please visit our in-depth blog and video here.


Harveston Community is a lovely neighborhood in North Temecula that ranks among our top ten communities in Temecula, and we offer a home search for each. If employment has you working in the northern part of Southern California, Harveston is a community you need to look into. If you are not from Southern California, being strategic about where you live and work is very important. You can cut off hours of drive time every week by doing a little research. Harveston Lake is one of the community’s distinguishing features. There is also a one-mile walking path around the lake. Harveston is a very friendly community, and people are always out doing things and taking advantage of all the outdoor facilities. The Harveston community has multiple sports parks, a pool, a hot tub, and boat rides. Click here for a detailed blog post and video about the Harveston community.

Los Ranchitos

If you are a horse lover or want to live the country lifestyle, look no further than Los Ranchitos. What is very unique about Los Ranchitos is that you have a total country feel but are very close to amenities and even the 15 freeway for your convenience. Lot sizes are going to range anywhere from 1 to 5 acres, and many of the properties are already set up for horses. If you would like to read more about Los Ranchitos and watch a video with some very nice drone shots of the area, click here.

Chardonnay Hills

Chardonnay Hills is another affordable, convenient community in Temecula. It’s very close to the wineries, grocery stores, and restaurants. One of the things we love about the Chardonnay Hills Community is the amenities inside. Tot lots, multiple pools, beach volleyball, and dog parks are all available for residents’ use. The Chardonnay community has pride in ownership and is well taken care of. If you would like to read a more in-depth review on tax rates, schools, and amenities, please visit our blog post in video here.


Meadowview is similar to Los Ranchitos in regards to the country feel. In my opinion, one of the biggest differences between Meadowview and Los Ranchitos is that Meadowview has many residents who don’t necessarily have horse facilities set up. They just like the larger lots and the country life. Meadowview is also very convenient and close to the 15 freeway, grocery stores, and restaurants. One thing to be aware of in Meadowview is that many homes are on propane. If you are interested in country life and Meadowview, click here.

Crowne Hill

Why does Crowne Hill make our top 10 communities in Temecula? Crowne Hill is a beautiful, affordable community close to the wineries, amenities, schools, and countryside. A few of the things I love about Crowne Hill are that both the tax rate and HOA are low. As Wine Country in Temecula grows, places like Crowne Hill are only going to go up in value. If you enjoy wine and plan on joining a few wineries, Crowne Hill is a community that should definitely be given some consideration. Schools are close by and typically have high ratings for Temecula. Grocery stores and restaurants are closed for your convenience, but the community is tranquil and peaceful. There’s also a gated community inside the Crowne Hill Community called Crowne Hill Reserve. Crown Hill Reserve is going to have some beautiful views and a more custom feel to the homes. If you would like to read a blog post or watch your video on Crown Hill, click here. We also have a localized Crowne Hill home search on the blog post.

Morgan Hill

In my opinion, Morgan Hill is one of the most beautiful communities, not only in Temecula but throughout Southern California. Residents rave about how the community is so close-knit. Both adults and children have plenty of options if they want to get involved in activities. There are multiple parks with beautiful views, and the clubhouse is stunning. Pools, tennis courts, and gorgeous views add to the allure of Morgan Hill. For a more in-depth look at parks, the clubhouse, and homes, please visit our in-depth Morgan Hill blog post in video here.

Vintage Hill

Vintage Hill is a small neighborhood in the middle of Temecula. It is close to grocery stores, restaurants, and the Temecula Hills and Redhawk golf courses. Schools are also within 5 minutes of the Vintage Hill community, which makes it convenient for working families. Tax rates are relatively low, and the Vintage Hill community has two pools, walking paths, and a nice, quiet, relaxed feel. If you are interested in a specific home search in Vintage Hills or reading a more detailed blog post and video, click here.

Paloma del Sol

Paloma Del Sol is one of my favorite communities in Temecula. Tax rates in HOAs are reasonable, and the Paloma Del Sol Community is filled with pools, green space, walking paths, and even a frisbee golf course. Again, similar to most Temecula communities, you have schools, grocery stores, and restaurants very close by for your convenience. You get a lot for your HOA payment, which is a definite bonus. If you are interested in the Paloma Del Sol community and would like to read an article and watch a video, click here.

Starlight Ridge

Starlight Ridge is one of Temecula’s original communities. One of the great things about Starlight Ridge is that the tax rate is going to be around 1.2%, which is far less than newer communities across the Southern California area. A few other benefits include being close to the 15 freeway, the Redhawk Golf Course, great schools, and grocery shopping. If you are working in the southern part of Southern California, Starlight Ridge is one of the top communities you should be looking at. Time in your car will be cut considerably. Another benefit of Starlight Ridge that people overlook is the number of homes with beautiful views. If you want to read a specific blog post, watch a video, and see if there are available homes in the Starlight Ridge Community, click here.

Hopefully, our top 10 communities in Temecula’s blog and video have given you some insight into the city. If you are looking to relocate, buy, or sell in the Temecula area, please reach out. My name is Joel; I am a broker and owner of Greenleaf real estate, and my wife, Christie, is a licensed and certified appraiser. We have appraised and sold thousands of homes throughout Southern California and would be honored to be a part of your next home-buying or selling transaction.

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