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Paloma del Sol Community

If you are living in the Southern California area, you understand how high property taxes can be on new home builds. This is one of the main reasons why I wanted to write a blog and produce a video on the ultimate low-tax community in Temecula. Paloma del Sol is nothing short of spectacular. It has everything a resident would want, and this blog post will take you through the community and give you an idea of everything Paloma Del Sol has to offer. As a real estate broker, I feel it is very important to have this conversation with prospective buyers about tax rates. When tax rates double, your purchasing power plummets, as it does in many of these new communities with Mello Roos, special assessments, and HOAs.

Paloma Del Sol was established In 1990, homes ranged from 1000 square feet to 2900 square feet, and tax rates were going to range from 1.2% to 1.4%. I don’t usually talk about home prices because they are always changing, but Temecula is one of the most affordable cities in all of Southern California. When you factor in things like safety, amenities like restaurants, golf courses, and hospitals, and the proximity of these amenities to your home, there really isn’t a city that comes close to Temecula, in my opinion.

I would strongly recommend that you research the cost of living in Temecula before making the move. You can read a cost breakdown from housing, utilities, food, insurance and more here

Paloma del Sol HOA

You can argue that Paloma Del Sol has one of the best HOAs in Temecula. One of my pet peeves is paying $150 for an HOA fee and only getting some common grounds taken care of. These HOAs give no benefit to the homeowner. I’d rather have my hundred dollars and cut the 10-by-10-foot lawn piece myself.

The Difference

Paloma Del Sol is different; it has five pools, barbecues, tot lots, frisbee golf, hot tubs, miles and miles of walking paths, and an overall sense of relaxation and quiet. The communities are one of the reasons I believe Temecula is one of the best cities to live in in Southern California. They are very quiet, safe, and relaxing, but have access to grocery stores, restaurants, and fun activities, all within 5 to 10 minutes.

If you live in Southern California, you understand how precious time is because of traffic. Have no worries; Paloma Del Sol is close to everything you need. The cost of the Paloma Del Sol HOA is going to be around $100 a month.


If you have school-age children, Temecula has some of the best schools in all of California. Both their test scores and their overall environment are always in the top 20% of all schools in California. If you Google Temecula school rankings, you can get a ton of information.

The schools in Paloma Del Sol include Paloma Elementary School, Temecula Middle School, and Temecula Valley High School. Another great thing about the schools and the community is how many kids you’ll see walking to and from school and home. This is obviously a huge benefit for the busy family. While I was filming the video, I saw at least 30 kids walking home from school at different times.

What we love

One of the things we absolutely love about Paloma del Sol is the number of walking paths. There are literally miles and miles of beautiful trails cut through the community. I touched on this point a little earlier in the blog, but when you are walking on the trails of Paloma del Sol, you truly feel like you’re in the country. Yes, there are homes along the walking trails, but you constantly hear birds chirping and blowing.

Being wine lovers, we also love the proximity Paloma Del Sol has to Wine Country in Temecula. If you are not familiar with the area, Temecula truly is the hidden gem of California wineries. If you want to read about specific wineries, click here. We consistently preview and visit at least two to three wineries every month.

Important Amenities Nearby

There are a ton of amenities nearby, which include grocery stores like Albertsons, Walmart, Island Pacific Market, and Stater Brothers. You have Temeku Hills and Redhawk Golf Course close by, as well as Ronald Reagan Sports Park with many activities for kids. They have baseball fields, BMX riding areas, soccer areas, and swimming pools, which cost $1 for Temecula residents. If you would like to read about 4 other neighborhoods in South Temecula with a low tax rate, click here.

Hopefully, this blog post and video helped give you an idea of what it’s like to live in Paloma Del Sol, the ultimate low-tax community in Temecula. If you have any questions regarding the Temecula housing industry, whether it’s buying or selling, please reach out.

We are brokers and owners of Greenleaf Real Estate and the appraisal store. We have lived and worked in the area for 20 years and have some really awesome VIP buyer programs as well as seller programs. Our direct phone number is 951-897-9466, or you can email us at [email protected].

We’ve put a link to a local home search that shows all of the available homes in Paloma Del Sol below. You can narrow the search down by size, beds, baths, and price, or even draw an area on the map, and everything listed will come up for you.

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