The Best Private Schools in Temecula California

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The Best Private Schools In Temecula California

According to Private School, the best top-ranked private schools in Temecula include Rancho Christain School, St. Jeanne De Lestonnac School, and Van Avery Preparatory. I will talk about these and others available to you below!

Linfield Christian School

“Relational learning in a place to be known” summons up this institution that serves elementary through high school learning so well. Linfield Christain sits on a beautiful one hundred acres of campus as “an independent college preparatory school that exists to develop and inspire students to know Jesus Christ as Lord, to love others as themselves, and to grow in knowledge and skill in order that they may serve the Lord and the world through their character and leadership”. Faith and academics are cultivated together in this place. It is very evident and known around Temecula that well-rounded students come out of Linfield, prepared to take on the workforce. Linfield strongly believes there are some things that just cannot be taught in the classroom, so field trips and participation in traditions are frequent. Each student is already treated as a valuable member of society and it is impossible for them to slip through the small class sizes of 22. Further, every month the school honors a new student with a student of the month program. Twelve different sports are available along with the fine arts of music, theater, media, and visual media. Every November Linfield has begun to open international student applications for grades 6-12. This is such a great way to diversify the classroom and teach by example.

An exceptional 98% of students will attend college after graduation.

linfield christian

Rancho Christian School

Rancho Christain school was first established as a ministry by the popular Rancho Community Church that has served Temecula and Murrieta for over 40 years. Their core values are as follows: loving God and others, Christ-like character, premier education, and exceptional programs. Rancho is recognized by both the ACSI (Association of Christain Schools International) and WASC (Western Association of Schools and Colleges). The eagles at Rancho Christain are as young as preschoolers, year by year becoming stronger world changers for Christ. If the tuition rates seem daunting, be sure to ask for the Tailored Tuition Program. Rancho realizes education is an investment but also desires to be accessible for every family possible. One thing that helps Rancho stand out is its Hybrid Program for grades 7 through 12. This format allows students to take between two to four courses on campus during a traditional school day and the rest from home in a homeschool manner. Students still maintain all access to social and extracurricular activities that full-time students do, but with more flexibility. Athletics are offered at both the middle and high school levels, but the arts are available even to preschool students! If you like what you’re hearing, be sure to attend a future eagle night Wednesday, March 30th!

Rancho Christian School

Van Avery Prep

Van Avery Prep, a fully accredited private preparatory school, located off Santiago Road has been serving kindergarten through middle school for over thirty years. Each year on average there are 420 students enrolled with forty full-time teachers and four part-time, earning it the best student-to-teacher ratio at 10 to 1. Van Avery strives for students to thoroughly enjoy the process of learning so that they become lifelong learners. Compassion and integrity are considered essential in all activities of art, athletics, or classroom learning. Although smaller, the campus is fully equipped with 26 classrooms, a science lab, resource center, gymnasium, art studio, athletic facility complete with a turf field, and a sports court. There are so many opportunities for involvement such as the young lego engineers, cooking club, youth activist club, and more! Middle school athletics compete in the IVIAA League with other Temecula Valley schools. Even better for working parents, many of these extracurriculars take place before or after school. Therefore, Van Avery has a built-in extended day program for anyone who needs a little extra time. If you have been searching for committed and caring staff to be an example outside of your home, look no farther than Van Avery!

van avery prep

Julian Charter School

Julian Charter School’s website says it best, “Charter schools are free independent public schools with rigorous curriculum programs and unique educational approaches. In exchange for operational freedom and flexibility, charter schools are subject to higher levels of accountability than traditional public schools. Charter schools, which are tuition-free and open to all students, offer quality and choice in the public education system”. By attending Julian you are joining the much larger JCS family with many locations across Southern California counties. Each student chooses their personal TK-12 path of completing either a home study, insite, or JCS academics, based on how much work is to be done at home versus on campus. JCS Pine Hills is the sector that cares for approximately 700 students in Riverside County. The K-8 Academy and 6-12 Academy have two different locations in Temecula in order to meet each school’s unique needs. The core values are complete commitment, creativity/ innovation, choice, excellence, and compassion.

St. Jeanne De Lestonnac School​​

This coed Roman Catholic institution ranks among the top 20% of private schools in California for the largest student body, and most sports and extracurriculars offered. Founded in 1993 for grades pre-kindergarten to twelfth, St. Jeanne’s even offers summer school. 60% of faculty have an advanced degree and offer eight AP courses. St. Jeanne strives to “educate the whole person through a proven curriculum to form youth in faith with a critical mind and with a love of learning”. Saint Jeanne’s Temecula is one of almost 70 schools affiliated with the Sisters of the Company of Mary founded by Saint Jeanne de Lestonnac in 1607 in Bordeaux, France. This 400-year-old order is now recognized by both the Western Association of Schools and Colleges and WCEA and works to form students who are honorable Catholics, earth citizens, active lifelong learners, responsible individuals, and thoughtful communicators.

st jeanne de lestonnac School

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