Meadowview Temecula vs De Luz Temecula

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Meadowview Temecula vs De Luz Temecula

In this blog post and video, we will compare Meadowview Temecula VS De Luz Temecula. Both communities have a great deal to offer but we wanted to point out some of the differences as well as similarities to give you a good idea or education on what area fits your lifestyle the best.

Zoning & Land Use in Meadowview

Meadowview zoning is RA which is described as:

The R-A zoning district is intended to provide for areas appropriate for detached single-family residential dwelling units and light farming uses, each located on a single legal lot.

If you would like a more in-depth description  and understand exactly what you can do with RA zoning please visit Here

Most of the lot sizes in Meadowview are going to range from 1/2 acre or 20,000 square feet to 1 acre or around 45,000 square feet. In Meadowview, there are some homes or lots that are set up for horses. There are also many homes that use the lot space for pools or a second dwelling.

  Before you purchase a home in Meadowview, be sure to verify with the city on rules and regulations of what you can and can’t do.  This would probably be my most important piece of advice for any area of Temecula with larger lots. Just because a community has a 20,000  + square foot lot, doesn’t mean you can do anything you want with it. Sometimes you might hear of a second dwelling, but it was grandfathered in at some point.

Zoning and Land Use In De Luz

Zoning in De Luz is RA5 and the description is as follows:

 The Residential Agricultural Zone (RA-5) is established to provide areas where general agricultural uses can occur independently or in conjunction with a single-family residence, that preserves the agricultural character of the area.

When it comes to land size in De Luz Temecula they are much larger than Meadowview, 5 acres and up. For some people, this is exactly what they want as agriculture such as orange trees, avocado Orchards, grapefruit add lemon or limes are prevalent and growing in many of the areas throughout De Luz. 

As I mentioned earlier and I can’t stress this enough. You need to do your research and homework before purchasing a piece of land or home in De Luz. One restriction that I heard of the other day was that homes have to be a certain size in order to comply with the local HOA. It would be horrible to purchase a beautiful piece of property only to realize that your home has to be over 3000 square feet and comply with many rules and regulations. 

Home prices in De Luz Vs Meadowview Temecula

I usually don’t like giving home prices as they are constantly changing but De Luz Temecula homes on average are going to be about 25% more when it comes to cost. 

If you would like to search properties in Meadowview click here 

If you would like to search for properties in De Luz Click Here

Meadowview Temecula vs De Luz Temecula Location

In today’s fast-moving world, especially Southern California, a lot of families or people want convenience. One of the great things about Meadowview is that it is in the middle of everything.  They built homes on larger lots right in the middle of the city. It will take you no more than 5 to 10 minutes to get to anything that you need or want. Grocery stores, restaurants, Costco, bars, or shopping are all right around the corner from you in Meadowview. Just across the 15 freeway, you will have access to Old Town Temecula and just below you, there is the casino that has entertainment,  an RV campground, and a beautiful outdoor pool.

If you plan to live in De Luz, it will take around 15 minutes to get to all of these places. De Luz is probably going to be much quieter and definitely peaceful with expansive views of the Temecula Valley. Just be ready for a drive, even to get to the closest freeway which will be the 15. If you are a golfer, Cross Creek Golf Course will be right around the corner from you. In my opinion, this is one of the nicer golf courses in Temecula and is very peaceful and challenging.  Cross Creek Golf Course is definitely worth the money and during the week you will be able to play anywhere from $35 to $50 a round.

De Luz is an Unincorporated 

De Luz Temecula has six zones and five homeowner associations. Residents of De Luz pay per acre which pays for upkeep on roads, police Etc. Parcels in the De Luz Temecula area start at 5 acres and cost anywhere from $96 to $118 per acre. If you live on 5 acres, expect to pay around $500 a year. The HOA is modest and if you would like specific details Ralston is the property management company you can contact. Their phone number is 951-296-9030

Meadowview Temecula HOA and Residents

The Meadow View Community has a landmass of over 1,000 square miles and has around 900 residents. The HOA fee for the Meadowview Community will be around $250 per quarter. The HOA pays for the pools, hot tub, And 23 miles of walking, biking, and horse-riding trails.

Livestock in Meadowview and De Luz

This is something else that future home buyers of either community need to do their own research. From what I understand, the lot size determines how many horses, goats Etc you are allowed to have on the premises. Before making a purchase, I would verify with the county or city the number of animals you can legally have on each parcel.

Both Meadowview and De Luz Temecula are beautiful communities. They both offer different types of lifestyles and are both great places to live.  If I was to take one important point from this blog post? Do your research before making offers on homes or land. In California, with rules and regulations and Zoning restrictions, this could sway your decision from one area to another. 

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