7 Things That Make Temecula, California Unique

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What Makes Temecula California Unique

7 Things that make Temecula California unique include the Casino, neighborhoods,Horse Property,Wineries,Ballon Rides and the proximity to other cities and the people.

We have lived in Southern California for many years.  From the beach to inland Sothern California we’ve had the opportunity to live in many different areas. Every city seems to have something unique in regards to what it offers its residents and vacationers and Temecula is no different. I thought it would be a great idea to write a blog post and produce a video on what makes Temecula, California unique.  Temecula California has things that no other city in Southern California has. 

Neighborhoods and Safety

When you live in Southern California you realize that most cities have areas in them you don’t want to live or go. Even  the beach cities have areas of the city where I wouldn’t personally walk at night. Temecula is different, and what makes Temecula California unique. You can drive around the whole city and you will not find a community that is run down, covered in graffiti or a great deal of drugs and homeless people.

After living at the beach for years we decided that we wanted a change. When we were researching different areas to move in Southern California, safety was definitely a huge factor in our decision to move to Temecula. What makes Temecula even more unique are these homes, and neighborhoods aren’t millions of dollars.   These are truly beautiful communities and  have owners that have pride in ownership

Pechanga Casino

How many other cities have their own Casino? Yes, you can go to LA, but who wants to go to LA? We have a city of a hundred thousand people with our own Casino called Pechanga Casino and Resort! , Some people might say I hate casinos, I hate slot machines. I get that but the casino is much more than just gambling.  To Pechanga Casino regularly has comedy clubs, shows, a nightclub and a few really good restaurants. It also has one of the nicest golf courses in all of Southern California right on the premises. You can also spend the night in one of their Suites and enjoy the pool and spa. If the Suites don’t float your boat and you’re more of the camping type they do have an RV park as well. So next time when somebody tells you they don’t want to go to a stupid Casino, remind them there is much more than just gambling at the Pechanga Resort and Casino. 


 What other town can say they have wineries? Yes, Temecula has over 40 beautiful wineries with great views, live music, restaurants, and hotels.  One of the best things to do in Southern California is spending a Sunday afternoon relaxing, tasting wine and Temecula has this in your backyard. If you are curious about the wineries in Temecula, we have a whole page of our website dedicated to filming and writing about Temecula Wineries. We try and visit One Winery a week to give readers an idea of what to expect at the many different wineries in Temecula. If you’re interested in reading or watching a few videos please click here

Proximity to other cities

One of the great things about Temecula is the ease I’m getting away for day trips or weekend getaways. Whether you want to go to the beach, ski or go to the mountains Temecula is no more than a couple hour drive to any of them. Oceanside is a beach that is around a 45-minute drive from Temecula. You have San Diego, in my opinion, one of the best cities not only in Southern California but the whole United States. San Diego is only about an hour and a half from Temecula. You have three airports, San Diego, Ontario, and LAX all within an hour and a half, depending on when you leave haha. If you’re looking to get away for the weekend in ski, we have big bear which is about an hour and a half to two-hour drive From Temecula.  another really fun day trip or even for one night is a city called Julian. This is especially true in the fall when all the apples are here. take a drive up, eat some apple pie pick some apples and enjoy the nice fall weather.

The People

This was a pleasant surprise for us. Again, we’ve lived many many places in Southern California and being from Canada I always thought I was missing something in regards to how people interacted with each other. I’ve used this example before but when we lived at the beach we would walk the beach Trail every single morning. 80% of people walking the beach trail were either busy on their phones, exercising or listening to music. You would get the odd good morning or smile. In Temecula, we live in a community called Harveston. I walk the 1 mile Lake path four to five times a week. Routinely, people are saying good morning, or have a good day. I even get the feeling sometimes people want to actually stop and talk with me. For me, it’s a great feeling that people are genuinely kind and friendly. 

Horse Country and Horse Trails Close to Amenities

One of the things I could not believe when we first moved to Temecula was how Horse Country could basically be in the city. Well, it actually is. Communities like Meadowview and Los Ranchitos are right off the 15 freeway, close to grocery stores, restaurants, schools but when you drive into the community you see nothing but 2 to 5 acre lots, horse trails and greenspace. it truly is a wonderful opportunity for anybody looking for horse property in Southern California area. You get the best of both worlds, the country lifestyle when you’re at home and a vibrant small city just a few miles from your home. I have videos on both Meadowview and Los Ranchitos. If you would like to read or watch a video on Los Ranchitos click here, if you would like to read or watch a video on Meadowview click here.

Balloon Rides

Temecula Valley is very beautiful, especially from the sky. Temecula, actually has a balloon festival every year. if you’re interested in that click here

The balloon festival is a fun weekend filled with wine tasting, beer tasting music, balloon rides and much much more.  the balloon festival has definitely gotten very busy and this weekend can get a little crazy. If you’re not into that you can always Google balloon rides in Temecula and choose a company to take you on a beautiful tour.  Most of the packages include lunch

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