Temecula Vs The Beach

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Temecula Vs The Beach

I’m definitely going to get some pushback on this blog, many people that live at the beach have the view of “ anything other than the beach is trash,” 909ers is the actual nickname for us inlanders haha.  Personally, I love both Temecula and the beach, but for different reasons.

FYI we have lived at the beach for a total of 6 years, Inland for 7 years, so yes, I do have some experience living in both places. I found many people who live at the beach are in a vacuum, they live, eat and breathe their beach town. Some rarely even leave, no that’s not a joke. I personally know people that don’t even know where Menifee or Murrieta are.. I think both Temecula and the beach are great areas, you just have to weigh the pros and cons and what personally fits your lifestyle and budget.


Everybody talks about the cost of living at the beach and being more expensive than Temecula. Yes, this is true, especially for housing.  Here are a few examples. I’m going to use the beach city of San Clemente in my examples. Reason being? Even beach cities vary in home prices when it comes to purchases and rentals. For example, Laguna Beach is much more expensive than San Clemente. San Clemente would be middle of the road in regards to beach housing costs. 


If you were to rent a 2000 square foot home in Temecula, expect to spend anywhere from $2100-$2,600 in rent.  depending on the lot size and location. That same 2000 square foot home in San Clemente is going to run you $3,000 to $4,000 a month. Again, this depends on where the home is located. If this home is right on the beach it’s going to be more than $4,000 a month.

Buying a Home

There are so many variables but let’s just say it’s almost double for the same house when you compare San Clemente homes to Temecula.


I definitely found groceries more expensive at the beach. Why? The simple answer is it’s the beach right? In my opinion, I  think there are just more options in Temecula. There was, or is more space to build grocery stores in Temecula which equals more competition. An example would be where I live in Harveston. There are literally 7 grocery stores within 5 minutes of my house, compared to 1 in San Clemente. I have a WinCo just down the street which has great prices and it’s huge! It feels bigger than the whole city of San Clemente. I have a Costco 5 minutes from me so we can buy in bulk and save money on things we use a lot of. In regards to shopping and groceries, I definitely give Temecula the edge


I haven’t found much difference in pricing in regards to restaurants. There are still good happy hours and brunch deals at the beach. In San Clemente, in particular, one great feature that many people don’t know about is the no corkage fee at many of the restaurants. You are able to bring your own bottle of wine which is obviously a huge saving. There are more choices in Temecula, but most restaurants at the beach are very good. If you’re not good at the beach, you don’t survive. You have to bring something unique to the table.  Another thing I liked about San Clemente is that chain restaurants really don’t exist. All the restaurants we would visit frequently were boutique-style places with a unique menu, consistent goodness, and stellar service. We also love the vibe of going out to dinner at the beach. San Clemente was walkable so you could stop and have a drink at one restaurant, walk 20 steps and eat at another. I’m going to give the edge to San Clemente, when you compare everything.


So I want to be clear, I think both places are safe. Many times when things happen to people, it’s because people put themselves in bad situations. Like the old saying goes, nothing good happens after 12.  Having said that, the homeless population is much bigger in San Clemente. With the homeless population comes petty theft and drugs. If I left my bike on the front porch of my home in Temecula it would probably still be there in the morning, San Clemente, not so much. You also have the drug issue which I felt was more prevalent at the beach. Of course, you’re going to get the people that say, “Temecula is a bunch of tweakers” (even though they have never been here) but I personally haven’t seen one in three months. You could easily walk down to the beach in San Clemente and find drug paraphernalia or people high on drugs daily.

If I had kids where would I want them to grow up In regards to safety? Probably Temecula,  but I might be a little biased on this question. Personally, I have no interest in surfing and I love golf. Orange County= surfing and expensive to golf. Temecula = No surfing and tons of golf courses at reasonable prices. My kids would be golfers. This leads us into our next conversation which is what city has more things to do? Which city has better activities?


This really just depends on the person. Again, I personally do not surf or like swimming in the ocean. Even though I lived 2 minutes from the beach the only thing I would do is walk and watch sunsets. If you do surf, obviously the beach is where you want to be but from what I saw it was much more than that. Surfers had this brotherhood almost. They all knew each other and respected each other. In San Clemente specifically, you would constantly see people running down at 5:30 am in their bare feet just to catch waves. As much as I have no interest in that,  I loved seeing it. In general, there always seemed to be something going on at the beach. Between live bands, Sunday Fundays, concerts, biking and Beach walks you never had to worry about what you were going to do on a weekend. The problem? Half the time the traffic or parking was so horrendous I didn’t even want to go LOL. But honestly, the parking and traffic get exhausting. It’s funny, before we moved to Temecula people would say how bad the traffic is. Live at the beach free year, Temecula seems like country haha. 

Activities and things to do in Temecula are plentiful, to say the least. Again, it depends on what your idea of fun is and where your interests lie. For me? I love to golf, hiking,  happy hours and wine. I’ve have also joined a few sports teams. The best part? I don’t dread getting in my car, going to the softball field only to realize I have to park 3 miles away from the actual field because everything is full. I also love the fact that I can go golfing any day of the week for under $50, try doing that in Orange County. On a side note, in my opinion,  San Clemente has the best golf course for the price in all of Orange County. Last but not least, the wineries. I won’t spend too much time on this topic as we have many blog posts on specific wineries on the site. What I will say is how much I love going on the weekends. For me, it’s not even about the wine. I just love going to hang out and relax. Most wineries have live music, football games on TV and games to play like cornhole. 

Summing the whole activity thing up? I personally prefer Temecula but both places are fine. I just so happen to be more inclined to do things here in Temecula.


So here is my thought on traffic, it’s worse at the beach but more people have to commute longer distances living in Temecula. If you took people living in Orange County and compared it to people that lived in Temecula, people in Temecula would be in their cars longer on average per week. No evidence to back that up, just my thought. 

The People

I grew up in Canada, and one of the biggest difficulties for me coming to California was getting used to the people and culture. This fast-paced life where nobody seemed to care or know anything about you was foreign to me. Where I lived in Canada, it was hard to even get out of the grocery store within 30 minutes because 20 people would stop and talk to you. I really miss that, and still do. To find some resemblance of that small-town feel would be awesome to live again. 

Here is where I’m going to get yelled at LOL. Of course, there are crazies, weirdos, nice people, fat people, skinny people everywhere. I’m going to talk in generalities on this. In my opinion, I have found that people overall are much friendlier and down-to-earth in Temecula. A simple example would be our morning walks. At the beach, most people have earphones in, heads down, or on their phones. Basically in their own worlds. You get the good morning from the odd person but it was far from common. In Temecula, we live in Harveston and routinely walk the lake in the mornings or early afternoons. I can honestly say, 80% of people say good morning or how’s it going and are almost ready to stop and talk if you wanted. From the moment we came to Temecula people were helpful and went out of their way to help us and/or be friendly. Again, there are those people at the beach, of course, but you also get many many people who are selfish, narcissistic, clueless, ungrateful. Their Instagram profile is the most important thing on the planet or going in debt for that new Beemer or Mercedes is totally worth it. Temecula in my book has the win on this

I could go on and on about the differences. Hopefully, I gave a few examples for people wondering what some of the differences actually are. We are grateful for all of our experiences and places we have lived and traveled over the past 10 years but we are very happy and content living here in Temecula. It fits our lifestyle, we feel very relaxed and we are excited to grow our businesses around some great people.

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