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Home Value Report

If you’re looking to sell your home, figuring out the value is one of the first steps in the process. An incorrect evaluation can cost you thousands of dollars, so you need to be very careful and do some research. Regardless of whether or not you use Greenleaf to sell your home, if you have any doubt about your home’s value, you might want to contact a licensed appraiser. Why? $300-$500 is a small price to pay in the big picture. By the way, we offer a FREE appraisal if you decide to list with us.

With all that being said, we have the benefit of an in-house certified appraiser at Greenleaf. Christie has been an appraiser for 20 years, and we are extremely confident that we can price your house competitively.

Here are some essential questions to ask yourself when trying to ascertain the value of your house.

1) How far back in regards to time, can I go for comps?

2) How far out in terms of distance, can I go for comps?

3) How much extra value does a bigger lot give me?

4) How much are my house upgrades worth?

5) How much value does my pool bring?

So now you have an offer, but you’re not sure if the Appraisal will come in at the sales price. There are some critical steps you and your agent need to take to ensure a smooth appraisal process and give you the best chance for THE VALUE TO COME IN! ( I can email you these steps)

One free word of advice, make sure your agent shows up for the Appraisal (that’s right, many don’t). The appraiser doesn’t want to blow up deals, and a simple explanation of comps can often be the difference.

If you would like a professional appraisal report please contact through the side bar on our website or call 951-897-9466

We cover all areas of the Inland Empire inculding Temecula, Murrieta, Menifee, Perris, Corona, Riverside and Wildomar.

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