Temecula California Wine Festival

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Temecula California Wine Festival

Temecula California is an absolute gem of a city to live in. In this blog post, we’re going to talk about the Temecula Wine Festival that focused on red wines and good food. Sundays are always a fun and relaxing day in Temecula and this is just another example of something Temecula offers its residents.

The Temecula California wine festival was along the De Portola Trail. It’s one of the main roads that the majority of the wineries are on in Temecula, the other being Rancho California. One of the reasons we really like the wineries on the De Portola Trail or road is because of the views.  The majority of these wineries have vast Temecula Valley views that go on for miles, great wine, and some really nice restaurants. It’s also a little less busy on the weekends than Rancho California which has more of the well-known wineries.

#1 Frangipani Winery

Our first stop was Frangipani Winery. This is absolutely one of our favorite wineries because it is so laid-back with absolutely gorgeous views. One of our friends made the comment that  Frangipani feels like your backyard. When you really think of it like that, it’s exactly how it feels. You enter the wine tasting room, walk out the back door and there you are, picnic tables everywhere, overlooking the Temecula Valley.  For food, they served in nice pasta and salad dish and the red wines were very good.

#2 Cougar 

Our next stop was Cougar winery, which had really good meatballs for the Temecula California Wine Festival. It was a great atmosphere sitting in the barrel room chatting with people from all over the country. To be totally honest we don’t frequent cougar winery that often,  but did have a fun time during the festival.

#3 Leoness

Our third stop was one of our favorite Wineries and all of Temecula wine country called Leoness.  We love their wine, they have great views, a beautiful restaurant, and live music often on the weekends. If you ask locals, Leoness is probably one of the top wineries in all of the Temecula Valley.  They held the wine festival at their wedding venue. It’s a beautiful area on top of the hill with lots of grass which our new dog Cooper loved, as you can see in the video. The bonus is we really do like their red wines.

#4 Oak Mountain

Oak Mountain is another Temecula winery that we often visit which is very unique. It has a wine-tasting cave built in the mountain. In addition, it has a very nice restaurant and multiple tasting rooms which is a huge bonus on busy weekends. Oak Mountain also has some beautiful views.  Most of the wineries were serving red wines but we had a bonus at Oak Mountain! They were serving champagne, which was a nice change-up from all the red wine had been drinking. They served a really good pork belly on bread and a coconut chocolate dessert.

#5 Robert Renzoni

Robert Renzoni is one of our favorites because it reminds us of our time spent in Tuscany. It really has the look and feel of some of the buildings or Airbnb’s we stayed in during our month’s stay in Italy.  Robert Renzoni also has a restaurant and beautiful views. The architecture of the building as well as the surrounding landscape is very well done and makes it very easy to sit and drink a few glasses of wine on the patio. During the wine festival, they had the wine tasting up on the hill in a picnic area which is pretty cool. We really enjoyed the wine, and the food was pasta which was great.

#6 Somerset

Somerset was our last stop and was planned on purpose.  We do belong to this Winery and for good reason. Laid back, live music, fun, open-air, nice big trees, and the vibe is total relaxation. Another bonus? They stay open later than most other wineries and are always playing some type of music. For the wine festival, they actually had a small tour which you can see in the video. The employee was very funny and it was an overall great experience. In our opinion, if you’re looking to join a winery and want more than just good wine, check out Somerset. It really never fails, regardless of the day we always have a fun afternoon. Somerset also has food trucks on a regular basis, especially on the weekends. This gives you the opportunity to try some of the local food from all over the Temecula Valley.

We wrote this blog to give people an idea of what Temecula has for its residents on the weekends.  The Temecula California wine festival is just one of ac Japanesetivities to get out and enjoy the nice weather and everything that this area has to offer.  

Whether you’re a hiker, golfer, wine enthusiast, pool lover, or foodie, this area of Southern California has everything. We are also very close to many popular destinations which include 4 airports, the beach (45 minutes away) and the mountains are about an hour and a half away. You can go to the beach in the morning and ski in the afternoon if you really want to.

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