Berry Picking In Temecula

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Berry picking in Temecula

A fun blog post today is all about berry picking in Temecula. I have read many different blogs about things to do in Temecula, but I have never come across berry picking. Surprisingly, we had a ton of fun, and the berries were awesome. If you’re looking to do some berry picking in Temecula, the business is called Temecula Berry Co. and is located at 39700 Cantrell Rd.

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You’re going to have three options when picking blueberries in regards to size and cost. The video on the side shows you pictures of both, but if you’re not into watching videos, they go as follows:

  • A small bucket is $5.
  • A medium bucket is $10.
  • The large bucket is $20.

It’s definitely worth it for the number of berries you get in a $20 bucket. It was almost the same cost as buying them, in my opinion. And the bonus was that you could eat while you picked.


Of course, people who live in California always want to know about traffic and parking. I got a spot right away, and there seemed to be plenty of designated parking throughout the Berry Farm. We went right after the coronavirus restrictions were lifted, so there might have been a lot of people there just because it was the only thing.

What Were the Berries Like?

To be honest, I never thought berry picking in Temecula was going to be so good. There were tons of berries, and although most were not ripe (May 10th), there was still an abundance to fill a bucket within 20 minutes.

Of course, I ate a bunch while I was picking, and they were really, really good. If I were to compare them to store-bought blueberries, they would be much bigger, juicier, and sweeter. It really wasn’t even close when you compare the two.

When should I go?

If you’re looking for dates and times to go berry picking in Temecula, I suggest you go from the start of May until the end of July in the morning. At least, that’s what we were told.When we picked, it was early May, and I could tell that the best was yet to come. There were tons of berries on the bushes that were not ripe yet, but our bucket was full and the berries we got were ripe.

Overall Experience and a Pro Tip

We had a ton of fun and will definitely return. As we mentioned earlier on in the blog, if you have 20 minutes to spare, DO IT! It’s the same cost as going to the grocery store, and they are a hundred times better. Parking was relatively easy, the lines were quick, and even though it looked crowded from the parking lot, once you hit the berry fields, it wasn’t crowded at all. We plan on going back the following weekend with our daughters, as they both want to pick berries.

If I could give anyone going one piece of advice, it would be to spend time on the short bushes. People are too lazy to bend over and get those, so they are full of awesome berries.

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