Greenleaf Real Estate is a boutique brokerage company modeled from more than 30+ years of Real Estate and Appraisal experience combined. Below we have listed just a few reasons Why Sell Your House with Greenleaf? Our mission is to create a brokerage company that gives every client the tools for a successful sale at the highest price possible. You will be represented with the utmost professionalism and integrity.


What Do We Offer?


Moving is a large expense when selling your home. Greenleaf will Credit you $1000 for moving costs

2. FREE Home Appraisal

The first thing you need to figure out is the value of your home. We offer a FREE appraisal (credited back at close of escrow) from a Certified Appraiser.

3. Professional Pictures

We will provide professional, high quality pictures from our trusted photographer. He has over 40 years experience when it comes to home photograpy.

4. Drone Footage

We will provide beautiful drone footage of your home and the surrounding area giving all buyers a birds eye view. This gives your home great appeal and first impression

5. Transaction Coordinator

At no extra charge to you, we provide a transaction coordinator that ensures all paperwork is filled out properly during the transaction. I can’t tell you how important it is to have documents and contracts done correctly. This will diminish the chance of any legal action during or after the sale (a $400 Value)

6. Youtube Lifestyle Video

The real estate industry is changing rapidly. If you are not using video to market your house you are being left behind. On every one of our listed homes, we create a lifestyle video that shows not only your home but the surrounding area and its amenities. Of course, the most important thing for buyers is the house but they also want to learn the neighborhood, best restaurants, school proximity and ratings and local grocery stores We highlight every single one of these on our videos.

7. You are getting an experienced Broker who understands negotiation

You Get to Work With a Real Estate Broker with years of experience. I have sold hundreds of homes, from $80,000 to multimillion-dollar deals at the beach. In my experience, and can tell you with 100% certainty, who you hire matters. If your agent doesn’t understand how to price a home or negotiate a proper deal once an offer comes in they will lose you thousands more than what you are saving on a cheap commission promise. Understanding the market, then negotiating the best price for you will give you the best chance to save money in the long run.


Before I get into specifics about marketing, I want to explain how myself as broker and owner of Greenleaf can simply afford to do more marketing than most agents. Example- Realtor Joe down the street works for Remax/Century 21/Tarbell. How do these companies keep the lights on? Pay the Managing Broker? Pay for the office printer ink? THEY TAKE A % OF THE AGENTS COMMISSION. In many cases, these agents don’t have the extra $500-$1000 to spend on Facebook, Youtube or internet marketing in general. Greenleaf simply has more money in the budget to help you. We invest our cut into you the homeowner! Isn’t that how it should work?

Marketing Specifics

Video, Video, Video- This is where the industry is currently and where it’s headed in the future. At Greenleaf we feel it’s not only important to highlight your house through video but also the neighborhood and surrounding area. People want to see how their lives will benefit from buying a home. Highlighting parks, restaurants, grocery stores, and golf courses are just a few examples of things home buyers want to know about. Through drone footage and blog type film making with a cinematic twist, we will highlight not only your house, but what the community has to offer prospective buyers.

Social Media

Social media is now 50% of the internet! Yes, Facebook, Youtube etc is as big as the whole internet combined. You need a presence on social media, but you also need to understand how to leverage that presence or audience. We have spent thousands of hours on the major social media sites, and we know how to put your home in front of potential buyers. Yes, this costs money and it brings us back to our original discussion of how much extra money do many agents have, after paying their broker to pay for targeted buyer ads for your house?
( a $200-$500 Value)

Drone Footage

All of our listings have beautiful drone shots from a DJI Drone (Best Drones and Cameras in the world) and they’re color graded in post-production so the video pops. We do this for every one of our listings, not just high-end homes
(a $250 Value)


Our For Sale signs are modern, sleek and catch attention. In addition to our signs, all of our real estate sign posts are wrapped in leaf vines that make every passing car take notice. Below is a picture of our signage, as you can see they are hard to miss and we get calls because of them frequently.

Cancellation Policy

Most companies will make you sign you to a long term contracts. If you are not happy, and want to cancel with the broker who owns the listing most likely won’t let you. You will be stuck in that contract until it ends.

Greenleaf Policy

Over the past few months, we have developed a 20-plus page sellers guide. It takes you through step-by-step the whole process of selling your house. From getting it ready to the closing table, we have you covered. Specifically, it goes over escrow and title , what you pay for as the seller, curb appeal, inspections and time frames. Please fill out the form below and I will personally send you our seller’s guide.

why list your home with Greenleaf Real Estate

Along with exceptional personal service and years of experience, Greenleaf provides/saves you the homeowner over $2,500.

For more information and a FREE 23 page sellers guide that walks you through the listing process and in addition gives great tips on getting your house ready please contact us below. I will personally email you a copy ASAP.