What Is Temecula Like?

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What is Temecula Like?

If you have ever thought about moving to Temecula but don’t live in the area you might ask yourself, “what Temecula is like?” In this video and blog post we will give you our experiences In Temecula and why we love it so much. At the end of this blog post we have a free home search for the Temecula area. We don’t ask for your information, just keep us in mind if you plan on moving here, we would love to help you.

 First, we want our readers to know that we have lived in Southern California for over 40 years combined. We have  lived both at the beach and Inland for many years. Much of what we will talk about in this blog post and video will be comparing other areas of Southern California to Temecula. 

Comparing The Beach To Temecula

Everybody thinks of the beach when you mention Southern California so we wanted to compare Temecula to the beach and give a few thoughts and experiences. First off, we had some great years at the beach and I would never take those away but within a week or two of moving to Temecula we knew we found our spot and we’re probably going to live here for a long time.

 The beaches are crowded, pretentious in some cases, expensive and stressful. If you’re not a beach lover or don’t surf it’s hard to justify paying millions of dollars to live there. Personally, we enjoy the outdoors in regards to hiking and golfing. It’s much easier to golf in the Temecula area because prices are reasonable. Decent courses in Orange County are going to cost $70-$120  especially on the weekend.

If you have a young family, the beaches are becoming breeding grounds for homelessness and drugs. We lived right down in front of the pier in San Clemente. We saw beautiful sunsets and had a view of the ocean every day.  Problem was? Once Nightfall came I wouldn’t trust my wife to be walking down near the beach by yourself or even with a friend.  It’s pretty sad, with the amount of money people spend to live at the beach and  you’re  apprehensive about walking along the beach trail at night. 

Another issue with the beach is the petty theft. Our cars were broken into a few times and nothing really happens to the people doing this. On the flip side, Temecula has a really safe feeling. If  my wife and her friends wanted to walk in Old Town at night I would have no problem. The homelessness is next to nothing and although  there are drugs everywhere they don’t seem to be in your face here.

What is Temecula like for Schools & Sports?

I do not have kids using the Temecula school system but I have heard and read many great things. From test scores to overall ratings  Temecula is going to be in the top 20% in all of California. When it comes to sports, I couldn’t even imagine a better place than Temecula. There’s literally 50 parks and many of them massive! Patricia Birdsall Sports Park is one of the nicest parks I’ve ever been at. Temecula parks are well kept, safe and people respect them. If you have kids in sports it’s great to know that there’s a park just around the corner in almost every community.


 Temecula weather is very enjoyable in my opinion. I love the sun and warm weather. For 10 months of the year I have absolutely no problems and the other 2 months are just small inconveniences as it does get sort of hot. When I compare it to other areas of Southern California, aka the beach, it does get hotter in Temecula but it’s much less humid. Our last year living at the beach was  unbearable. We were sweating all the time and it  got to be annoying. Temecula has cool mornings, nice afternoons and then cool evenings.. Rain will come in December, January and February but it really isn’t that bad. The more rain we get the more beautiful the mountains are in the spring. Right now as we write this article, it’s mid-july and the temperatures are around 100 degrees.  We are off to the pool this afternoon to enjoy the weather and soak up the sun rays.


When people ask us what Temecula is like in regards to our overall lifestyle, it’s actually pretty simple. We work hard, relax and really enjoy our lives. It’s very easy here, convenient, calm and the people are very nice and helpful overall. We feel like Temecula is very unique. For your everyday life it’s very convenient but when you need some peace and quiet you can take a 20 minute drive up to the winery area, relax, enjoy the views and nice breeze and enjoy an afternoon.  Going to the wineries is one of the Staples in our life. Even if we only have one glass of wine it resets or recharges us, even  if it’s just for an afternoon.

 When we golf, it’s customary that we spend no more than 42 $45 to play around which is nice. The course is for the most part or well-kept and there are some absolute gems within 15 minutes of our home. 

We also enjoy going out to dinner once a week and there  is no shortage of restaurants in Temecula. Depending on what you feel like or your mood Temecula  Has it. Happy hours are plentiful from Monday through Friday. Some  of the ones we like our Burgers & Beer, Yard House, the lazy dog just to name a few.

We also enjoy going down to Old Town for dinner as well. We usually start early go down to for a drink, eat dinner and then walk up and down the street and have another couple drinks LOL. It’s really a fun night and that’s something we definitely enjoy doing.

What is Temecula like in a way of stress?

Any place on Earth can be stressful. It’s more of a frame of mind and whether or not you’re a positive type of person in our opinion. If you work hard, enjoy life and don’t overspend, Temecula is a wonderful place to live and really doesn’t have any stress whatsoever. It’s a simple life but youre in Disneyland. There’s always something to do or enjoy, the weather is great and the people are awesome. All the communities that I have done for teacher video on have been wonderful. Quiet inside, lots to do 5 to 10 minutes away. If you’re looking for one of the best cities to live in all of the United States, do not pass over Temecula California. I’m telling you, you won’t regret it.

Thank you for reading our blog, we are  a local husband and wife real estate brokerage (Greenleaf Real Estate) and Appraisal Company. If you have any questions regarding real estate in or around the Temecula area, please don’t hesitate to call us. We have some great VIP programs for both buyers and sellers. We will represent you with honesty and integrity while saving you money. Here are GreenLeaf Real Estate Google Reviews

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