What is it Like Living In Temecula?

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What Is It Like Living In Temecula?

We really wanted to write a blog post about what is it like living in Temecula because we feel it’s important to share our experiences and give some great information to anyone thinking about making the move. We have traveled to many places all over the world and this blog post will go over a few of the reasons why we think Temecula is one of the best places in the world to live. Of course, every place has its negatives but when you compare opportunities, amenities, weather, and people Temecula really is hard to beat.

One of the great things  I have found since moving to Temecula is how a my mindset has changed. Whether that has anything to do with Temecula or not I do find myself waking up in the morning excited for the day. I love the community I live in, I love going for morning walks around the lake, I love seeing the sunshine on a daily basis and I love so many amenities at my fingertips. These are just a few things that I really enjoy and what it’s like living in Temecula for us. If you want a beautiful community that gives the feeling of country living but 5 minutes to all amenities I produced a video here.

Daily Life

When you talk about living somewhere everyone understands that most of us have to work and we all daily routines and responsibilities. In many areas of California, I have lived, I got caught up in being busy and really didn’t “ stop to smell the roses.”  Since moving to Temecula, I do catch myself stopping to smell the roses more often than I ever have. Even though I’m up at 5:30 or 6 to start work it’s not a chore anymore. I look forward to things like walking around the lake or going to the gym. My job deals with people and it is nice to have a community with great people to deal with on a daily basis. These are just a few examples but I catch myself being more grateful now than I ever have. I’m sure there are many factors but living in a great city and enjoying being there certainly helps. 


I talk about the convenience of living in Temecula in many other blog posts and videos but it really is a stress reliever to know that anything  I need is close to me. I am grateful that if I need something at the grocery store it’s two minutes away. I am grateful that after a long day my wife and I can drive 3 minutes and be at a great happy hour. I am grateful to be able to google anything and have it within 5 minutes of my house. The other day, we needed Bagels I didn’t even know the shop even existed but it was 5 minutes from my house. We did travel around the world for one year last year so maybe these simple conveniences are just appreciated more now but without a doubt, having everything at your fingertips is what it’s like living in Temecula.


Everybody talks about how California is so expensive. Yes, they’re definitely things we pay more money for.  two things that are generally much higher in price than most of the country is gas and housing. When you compare house prices in Temecula to other areas of Southern California it’s actually a lot less. I’m not going to get into specific numbers because they change constantly, but I’ll give you a few general examples. If you were to live in San Diego or Orange County, an average home might cost $600,000 to $700,000 whereas Temecula would be $400,000.

Gas is always something that people complain about in California. When you compare gas prices in California to other parts of the country it’s much higher. Right now, in 2020 gas prices are anywhere from $3.75 to $4.25 a gallon. The great thing about Temecula is there is a Costco very close to many of the communities. Although the lines can be long they move quickly. If gas costs $3.75 at a regular gas station, it’s going to be around  $3.20 at Costco. Over a year’s time it really adds up.

 My argument to some of the higher-priced items and the expensive living in Southern California is fairly simple. You have to pay to be somewhere beautiful.  Somebody from Tennessee can text me the price of their gas in February, I’ll text a picture of a sunset on a 70-degree day sitting by the pool. Am I willing to pay an extra $1,000 a year to live in the sunshine? For me, absolutely.

When you get to things like grocery stores, restaurants, oil changes, or movie tickets it’s really not much different than most of the country in my opinion. I actually think there are instances where it’s cheaper because there’s so much competition. There are many people fighting for your business in Southern California. Add Groupon and a few other sources into the mix and you have a lot of opportunities to keep costs down. If you would like an updated cost of living for Temecula that explains all of your expected monthly bills you can read this cost of living in Temecula article

The Calming Feeling

 I feel that I have experienced so much in my life so far. I have lived so many places and started over so many times, even at the young age of 40. Coming from Canada, moving to California at a young age with literally nothing, meeting my awesome wife, living at the beach for years, living inland for years, traveling the world for a whole year, I’ve had tons of highs and lows and different experiences. There have been many places I have lived where I’ve enjoyed but never had the calm “everything is going to workout feeling.”  Well, I now have that. I know we are going to be here for the long haul, I know our businesses are going to thrive here, I know we are going to meet great friends and have long-lasting friendships. It’s comforting to know that you made the right decision. that’s how we feel in Temecula. We truly get that gut feeling that this is the place we were supposed to end up and for us, what it’s like living in Temecula.

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