Top 4 Unique things to do in Temecula from a Local

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From a local, here are the top four unique things to do in Temecula.

Temecula California is quickly becoming a popular tourist destination—and for good reason! This area has tons of awesome things to do and beautiful scenery to enjoy. There is truly something for everyone here, whether you’re interested in outdoor activities or fancy wineries and dinner. There are a ton of different cool things to do here, so I tried to include only the most unique and affordable activities. This is my list of the top five unique experiences Temecula has to offer; these are the things my family and I have tried to enjoy as much as we can since discovering them!

1. Somerset Winery

The famous Temecula wineries are definitely one of the biggest draws to the Temecula area. Most people (especially from out of town) go for the biggest and most well-recognized wineries, but I’ve found that those tend to be much more overpriced and don’t always deliver the same relaxing atmosphere. I quickly realized that a smaller, “off the beaten path” winery was going to be more my speed, so I got to work visiting each one! It didn’t take long to discover my ultimate favorite, which is now Somerset Winery. This is a reasonably small, laid-back winery located in the heart of wine country.

This place is fantastic, with live music on weekends, an indoor and outdoor wine bar, and a beautiful, cozy patio and lawn area. On a sunny afternoon, you’ll find people having picnics on the lawn, great music filling the place, and locals scattered about enjoying wine or Somerset’s house-made sangria. One of my favorite things about this winery is the live music! Many of the wineries close early in the day, between 5-7 a.m., but Somerset stays open “after hours.” On weekends, they host local musicians for live music between 6 and 9 p.m., which makes this a great place to celebrate all afternoon and evening. For all of the juicy details explaining everything about this magical place, check out this blog.

2. Blueberry picking

Not many people know that nestled in the beautiful Wine Country is a place that allows you to go out and pick your own blueberries. This is a really fun and unique experience, especially if you aren’t familiar with farms that allow for this kind of “pick your own” activity. The Temecula Berry Company offers this from about May until October or so (depending on the season). When the weather is nice, there are plenty of locals flocking to this little farm. However, the farm does not allow buses or tour groups, so you don’t have to worry about fighting huge crowds of people.

They offer 3 different size buckets to hold your berries: small ($5), medium ($10), and large ($20). I found that the further away from the main building you go, the more berries you will find. We went to the farthest end of the farm at one point, and the bushes were covered! Although walking around for a little longer isn’t bad at all, it’s such a relaxing activity that I could honestly just stroll around through the field for a few hours with no complaints. A lot of people bring their kids for a fun day trip; however, there are people of all ages. Who doesn’t love blueberries and sunshine? The last time I went berry picking, my family and I decided to head to Summerset Winery afterward and make a full vacation-style day out of it!

3. Old Town Temecula

In Temecula, this is the one place most people head to when they’re looking for a night out on the town or a nice restaurant for a date night. Old Town has tons of really great restaurants and shops, so you could spend an entire day just walking around and exploring. However, there are two places in particular that aren’t very well known but offer a great atmosphere and experience.

If you’re looking for a great place to go on a date or have a family dinner, I highly recommend Bottega Italia. This small Italian restaurant located on Main Street in Old Town is my favorite upscale restaurant. Their chef, Gimmy Piperku, is originally from Rome and won 1st place in the 2016 pizza competition called the “Caputo Cup.” That being said, the pizza I’ve had there is hands-down the best I’ve ever tried. I recently had friends in town and took them to try the vegan Genovese pizza, along with a calzoni and ravioli—everyone was very impressed and made me promise to take them every time they visit!

For a fun night out, my go-to place is Old Town Pub, just a few doors down from Bottega Italia. This large sports bar has a huge patio and plenty of indoor seating during the day. At night, they remove a lot of the tables and chairs, and it turns into a fun place to go dancing. There are quite a few other bars in Old Town; however, I always find myself returning to this one. There is so much more space here that it doesn’t feel like you’re packed in. Some of the nicer bars also charge quite a bit more for cocktails (around $14–16), which is quite a bit more than the $6–12 deals you will get here. Old Town Pub can always be counted on to play great music and have a friendly atmosphere where it’s easy to mingle and talk to people.

4. Pool day at the winery

Bottaia Winery is an awesome place to spend a hot summer day! This winery is unique because they offer day passes to hang out in its gorgeous pool area. You’ll have poolside service with a cafe, bar, and chaise lounge chairs. They also have an upgraded package that I think is perfect for a couple looking for a day to escape! It includes 1 bottle of sangria per person, a private room with a shower, bath amenities, a blowdryer, and a storage area for your things. It’s the ideal place to spend the day relaxing and pretending you’re on vacation. They also have a beautiful 21+ deck that is a serene place to watch the sunset after a relaxing day at the pool. For all the information and to look at all the photos of this gorgeous place, check out Bottaia’s website.

FACT: Every Tuesday, they host a Taco Tuesday where you can eat delicious tacos by the pool or on the deck! No matter what you choose to do, Temecula has so much to offer people of all interests. This is honestly the most fun place I’ve had the opportunity to live. Exploring all of the different activities has been wonderful, and the beautiful weather has given us all plenty of opportunities to get out and enjoy the city! I hope you found this blog helpful, and if you do try any of my recommendations, please let me know; I’d love to hear from you! I am a licensed real estate agent and specialist in the Temecula Valley and the surrounding area. If you have any questions regarding the Temecula housing market or real estate in general, please contact me.

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