Top 10 Things To Do In Temecula in 2022

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Top 10 Things To Do In Temecula in 2022

Being a local Temecula resident I thought it would be a great idea to write an article and produce a video on top 10 things to do in Temecula in 2022. Yes, these definitely are my top 10 but I’m also choosing a variety so there will be something for everybody.  Temecula is a relatively unknown City in Southern California. If it’s snowing for anything, it’s Wine Country but when you compare the notoriety of Napa or Sonoma, Temecula doesn’t come close. I do think this will change in the years to come. Wine country in Temecula is growing rapidly and people are starting to realize how beautiful this area is while still being affordable. 

Wine Country Of Course

If you are visiting the Temecula area, Wine Country should definitely be on your list, even if you are not a drinker. Visiting the over  40 wineries, enjoying the rolling hills and vast views of the Temecula Valley are truly spectacular. Many of the wineries have restaurants, hotels, and even spas. Get in your car, Adventure out and enjoy some of these beautiful properties.

Do A Wine Tour

To be totally honest, we rarely do Wine Tours, but we live here. Wine Tours are a great way to experience 3-4 wineries and not have to worry about driving, or making decisions on where to go.

A few Tips With Wine Tours

  1. Do a little research on the different Wine Tours available and Temecula. A simple Google search or Yelp search can give you a great deal of information with a ton of reviews.
  2.  Before booking the tour figure out what type of wines you like? Some wineries have predominantly whites, others have Reds and even champagnes. Depending on what your tastes will help determine what wineries to visit.
  3.  Decide on whether or not you want a package with food, limo drinks, and all the other extras.  check on which wineries have restaurants. If you’re going to eat at a restaurant at one of the wineries you might not want to pay extra for food that a tour may include.
  4. Research the different wineries! Reason being?   If you like live music, many wineries have this on weekends. make sure you pick a tour that goes to a winery with music.

Here are a few of our favorite wineries both video and articles

#1 Avensole

#2 Somerset

Old Town 

I would say that wine country and Old Town Temecula are the two things you can’t miss. If I were visiting Temecula, my itinerary would include both of these things. 

Old Town Temecula is an easy walk, and very flat. It has a ton of boutique-style shopping, great restaurants and patios to enjoy a drink. It will take anywhere from 1-2 hours, depending on how many stores you visit. Some of the stores in Old Town that I would visit include the olive oil tasting company, there is an all-natural soap shop that’s interesting, a coin-op arcade that is sooooo fun and a massive candy shop for the sweet tooth.

After visiting all the shops and walking up and down Old Town make sure to stop into one of the many restaurants for something to eat or drink. One of our favorites is to sit on the patio in 1909  but there are many many other options.


If your trip is on the weekend and you are driving be aware that parking can be difficult along Main Street. If you go to the far end of the street, near Luke’s bar, there is a parking structure with plenty of parking.

Hot Air Balloon Ride

 If you don’t mind heights and enjoy vast views and beautiful rolling hills make sure you hop in a hot air balloon.  Temecula is well known for its hot air balloon rides and companies. We actually have a balloon festival in May. There are several different packages for balloon rides. As I mentioned earlier, Google or Yelp, “balloon rides in Temecula,” and you will have many companies to choose from. rides are all different times and have different auctions in regards to food and wine. You might want to ask the question of when the best time to go is? Seeing the sunset is probably going to be your best bet.

Promenade Mall

If you enjoy shopping, the Promenade Mall in Temecula is a place you should definitely visit. It seems like it has every store imaginable.  The best part? It’s all outdoors so you can enjoy all the beautiful weather Temecula has to offer. There are also tons of restaurants along the way. One of our favorite things to do is visit Yard House during happy hour. They have half-price off all their appetizers, which are really good.  it happens to be a Wednesday, they have wine Wednesdays which is half off bottles of wine as well. They have a great atmosphere, lots of beers and TVs with all the up-to-date Sports.

If you would like a map & directory of all the stores in the Promenade mall, click here 


I talk about this a lot in many other videos and blog posts but the Temecula area is absolutely amazing for golf. Not only do we have a vast number of courses but they are all affordable.  In Temecula, we have courses like Redhawk, Cross Creek, Temecula Hills, and the Journey at Pechanga. The journey at Pechanga is the golf course attached to the Pechanga Casino. It’s going to be your best bet if you’re willing to spend a little more money. It’s an absolutely beautiful course, probably one of the nicest courses in all of Southern California. Regardless of which course you pick,  the best way to save a few bux is to go on GolfNow. If you’re willing to play in the afternoon, most of these will be under $50 a round.

Boat Ride at Harveston Lake

In Temecula, we have a beautiful lake called Lake Harveston. A few things that are available for the public include a mile pass around the lake, plenty of ducks,  fishing and boat rides. if this interests you, pack a lunch for picnic, enjoy a boat ride and then eat on the grass or the many picnic tables available for the public. If you’re not interested in the boat ride, it’s a very nice walk around the lake.

Pechanga Casino

One of the great things about Pechanga Casino is that you don’t have to be a gambler to enjoy its many amenities. We personally don’t gamble but find ourselves at the casino once a month, especially on a weekend.  they have concerts, comedy shows, restaurants a Pool, Spa and even a nightclub. If you decide to visit or even stay the night at the casino don’t think all you’re going to do is Gamble. Enjoy the pool and spa during the day and go to a show at night. They also have A beautiful RV Park with 168 spacious sites that accommodate even the largest RVs or Trailers.

Farmers Markets

Temecula has some really cool farmers markets with local produce, arts, and crafts. If you have an interest in farmers markets you can visit 

One of the main farmer’s markets is every Saturday in Old Town Temecula from 8 a.m. to 12:30 pm.  They also have one every Tuesday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Red Hawk Town Center and at the Promenade Mall every Wednesday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. I would call first to make sure they are still being held. As of right now, because of the Coronavirus, there are no farmers markets.


People might not know this but there are some beautiful hiking trails in and around the Temecula area. One of the best sites to read reviews and do some research on the hiking trails in the area is here

 I would personally do a little research before going on these hikes as some are more difficult than others. Be aware of the time of year you plan to hike. It gets very hot in the summer here in Temecula. If you’re hiking in June July August or September make sure you bring a ton of water. 

In & Out Burger

What is a trip to Southern California without trying In and Out Burger? If you haven’t heard, it’s probably the most popular and affordable burger joint we have to offer. Personally, I would get the double burger animal style. In my opinion, the fries are just okay. I will give them props for their burgers. If you do like this type of food, DO NOT MISS IT!

So there you have it, the top ten things to do in Temecula in 2020. Hopefully, I gave a variety of ideas and there is something for everyone. Although we mainly deal in local real estate, please reach out with questions, even if you’re just visiting. We are always happy to help and enjoy sharing our experiences with others. 

 If you have been to Temecula and have a desire to relocate, I have attached a local home search below. This home search is straight from the MLS, updated daily and will give you every single home in the Temecula area. If you notice at the bottom, you are able to customize your search. Just click on that button and it will prompt you to the next screen. Thank you for reading. Please subscribe to our YouTube channel exploringTemecula.

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