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Frequently Asked Questions

We have lived and sold Real estate all over Southern California. Our main focus is Riverside County, North San Diego County and South Orange County

1.Generally speaking you will have your down payment which ranges for 0% down -20% down

2. Closing costs include things like taxes, title and escrow fees, these fluctuate depending on the price of the home and what type of market we are in. Often, you can get some of your closing costs  paid by the seller.

Absolutely! One of the best loans available is a VA loan. We also have a great realtionship with one of the top VA lenders in all of Southern California. 


Yes! When it comes to buying a home we will cover the cost of your appraisal, often this cost to a buyer will be in between $500-$1000.


We will match or beat anyone when it comes to your costs and what you net from your sale! We also have programs where you can buy a home without even selling your first. This makes you a much stronger candidate, as you are not contingent on the sale of your house.


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