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The Ultimate FREE Tool for Temecula Homeowners

I don’t share products very often in the real estate world. The junk people try to sell me is outrageous and  brings no value to my clients or community. What I’m about to show you today is one of the best free tools for Temecula homeowners I have ever come across in over 10 years of selling real estate. If you own a home in Temecula or rentals this is a great tool to keep track of what’s going on in your immediate area, refinancing options or even Airbnb options. 

The program is called Homebot. A few of the reasons I love this program is because of how visual it is. As a homeowner it’s nice to see graphs, charts, savings and options all in one area. I also like how specific it is. If your home is 1700 square feet with three bedrooms and two baths.That’s what home bought Compares you are home to in regards to comparables. Who really cares about the 2800 square foot home down the street ? It really has no bearing on value at all. I have learned a lot from being married to an appraiser for 10 years. I always cringe when I hear people using Zillow for their home value. After using the Homebot program I do think it’s  more accurate but it also offers a great deal of features all under one roof emailed to you and updated monthly. 

Additional Information on Refinancing in Temecula

Homebot is a great tool for home refinancing. It has 5 and 10 year arm info and 15 and 30 year fixed information. It actually shows you how much you will save doing any of the above-mentioned when compared to  your current interest rate. Everybody is always asking when a good time to refinance your home is? This tool gives you monthly  updates on rates and will notify you when the time is right for you to refinance.

Buying A Rental Property

Homebot will also help you in regards to buying rental properties. It gives you information on  what the current value of your home is and how you can use that equity in regards to purchasing additional properties if that is something you are interested in.

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