Temecula Vs Murrieta

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Many people always ask me what the differences are between Temecula and Murrieta. I thought, what better blog post than Temecula vs Murrieta?  I will specifically go over statistics, the housing market, the pros and cons of each city and what city is ultimately the right fit for you. I love both cities so this Temecula vs Murrieta blog and video Just clears up some commonly asked questions about each place.


In regards to population, Temecula has Murrieta beat by three or four thousand. From the statistics I found online, the Murrieta population is 113,000 and Temecula is going to be around 115,000. Both cities have grown tremendously over the last 20 years.   Murrieta has grown a whopping 130 % since 2000. 

Murrieta is around 33,000 square miles and Temecula is around 30,000 square miles

Real Estate

Home prices in the last three years have averaged higher in Temecula . The average home cost in Temecula is $508,000, while Murrieta’s is $458,000. At this point affordability is definitely on the side of Murrieta.

In regards to the gain in equity of Temecula vs Murrieta homes? Temecula had a 9.2% rise in home prices in the last 3 years, Murrieta 5.2%.

If I was to give my opinion on a few of these stats, it’s this. Temecula, although being a little more expensive has a higher upside in regards to a future investment. Temecula has a great deal to offer within the city, not only to its residents but to vacationers or visitors. Temecula has Wine Country, a casino, Old Town, hundreds of restaurants and an outdoor mall. These things are just a bigger draw for people, which inevitably will drive home prices up.


I would say that both Temecula and Murrieta are commuter communities. Many people who live in both Temecula and Murrieta commute to work every morning.  This is where you need to be careful and do your homework. If you don’t know the area, where the 15 Fwy and the 215 Fwy connect, is where the traffic gets really really heavy. If you are working North, (towards LA) Murrieta might be the city you should look at first. It will cut off at least an hour of your drive time daily. 

On the flip side, if you are working South or San Diego area, you might want to live in the southern part of Temecula. This area will cut off at least 3240 minutes one way every day.

I have written blog posts and produced videos on many Temecula communities. This blog post and video goes over four communities in South Temecula with a low tax rate.

Traffic Density 

When we can pair Temecula versus Murrieta in regards to traffic, Murrieta is going to win on this one. Even though the population is relatively the same in both cities Temecula has more draw. As I mentioned earlier in the blog post, we have a casino, wineries, I’m all and Old Town. These four things alone bring thousands of people in for weekend getaways or vacations.  this obviously has an effect on the roads and how many people are driving on them. When you’re driving around much of Murrieta, it’s actually calm and relaxing compared to some areas of Temecula.

Things To Do 

Temecula is definitely going to take the win on this one but Murrieta has a lot of things to do as well. Murrieta has a variety of golf courses, its own Old Town, (nothing like Temecula), restaurants and bars. Murrieta also has a very sought-after horse Community called the Cresta. If you’re into golf, Murrieta has a beautiful private golf course community call, Bear Creek. 

I have written many blog posts on things to do in Temecula so I will keep this short. You are never going to have a shortage of things to do in Temecula. One of the things that we have enjoyed doing even though we don’t like gambling is Friday night at the casino. Oftentimes, they will have concerts or shows. We love going to dinner, having a drink walking around the casino and then ending the night with a concert or comedy night. The casino also has an RV Park, Golf Course, Spa, and Nightclub. 

More Communities In Temecula with a Lower Tax Rate

In general, the older the home, the less you’re going to pay in taxes. Because Temecula is a little bit older, it has communities that are older. In the last 6 months there have been 100 more homes sold in Temecula that were built before the year 2000. 

Please do not let old scare you! There are plenty of older communities throughout Temecula that are beautiful, with lush mature landscape, pride in ownership and half the tax rate of many of the newer communities.

Overall, both Temecula and Murrieta are amazing places to live. Both cities are safe, have great school districts,  are very clean and have a community that has pride. You never have to worry about walking at night we’re constantly having your car broken into like many other Southern California cities.  both of these cities have wonderful weather 4/8 months of the year, inexpensive golf and a great food scene.

If you have any further questions about either city, please contact us at 951-897-9466. My name is Joel, I am a licensed broker and the owner of Greenleaf Real Estate here in Temecula. My wife Christie, is a licensed certified appraiser. We are happy to help with any questions regarding either the city or the surrounding area. Also, check out her YouTube channel called Exploring Temecula. We routinely do 3-4 videos a week on the area and give some great information on upcoming events and everything you need to know about Temecula.

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