Relocating to Temecula or Murrieta? Here Is A Quick Checklist For Buying Success!

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Relocating Checklist For Temecula and Murrieta

If you are moving or relocating to Temecula or Murrieta here is a quick overview or guide to help navigate through the current housing market. As the market changes, I will update the criteria and things to be aware of.

I have learned over the years that it is better to lay everything out up front, I am not trying to be negative just honest. Hopefully, these points will quickly give you an accurate overview of what is currently happening and what you can expect when purchasing a home

We have lived in 5 cities over the past 15 years, 3 in Orange County and 2 inland. I miss things at the beach but Temecula overall is my favorite. If you have kids, Temecula is even more attractive. That is the quickest summary I can think of.

Things you can expect when submitting offers and having a successful relocation to Temecula or Murrieta

  1. Depending on the home, you can expect to pay 20k-50k above asking
  2. I will never suggest releasing appraisal contingency but many buyers are doing it
  3. Oftentimes sellers want a rent back- per lender guidelines it cant be more than 60 days
  4. If you are contingent on selling it will make your offer less desirable- there are banks that will lend without you having to sell, you just pay the loan back after you close. Banks will usually give you 6 months
  5. Don’t expect home repairs or termite repairs, I always ask but oftentimes they will counter these things out, especially termite repairs
  6. Contingency periods shortened on counter 10-day inspection 14-day appraisal and loan
  7. If you can buy a home with paid off solar I would make a stronger offer, especially if it has a pool
  1. Sellers ultimately call the shots in the current market. I will do my best to get everything you want but if I get the sense we are pushing too hard I will tell you

Moving to Temecula or Murrieta

  1. My suggestion is to bring only the things you love or things that cannot be replaced. Facebook marketplace and garage sales are very big here.
  1. Renting a Uhaul and contracting out movers will save you money
  1. Plan your trip to drive through LA either at night or from 10am-1pm

Things to think about before making the move to Temecula or Murrieta

  1. If you are commuting more than 3-4 days a week in rush hour times, be aware that traffic is no joke
  2. It gets hot from July through September some days will hit 110 degrees but thats only for about 4-5 hours. Nights are amazing
  3. Politically this area would be center right
  4. There are areas that will have higher insurance costs because they are considered high fire areas
  5. 70% of Temecula and Murrieta do have HOA’s. If you have an RV be aware of that
  6. Temecula is an amazing location for weekend getaways Big Bear, Palm Springs, San Diego, beaches and airports are all very close
  7. Golf courses are plentiful and reasonable in way of green fees
  8. If you are commuting more than 3-4 days a week in rush hour times, be aware that traffic is no joke
  9. Temecula and Murrieta are set up to have everything close. You will not have to drive more than 5-7 minutes to get to daily needs like groceries, schools, restaurants, parks, Walmart type stores
  10. Amazon and grocery delivery are a great way to save time 
  11. The homeless problem isn’t very big here. We do have car break-ins if left on the street sometimes but not very much in way of violent crimes
  12. Pride in ownership and friendly helpful neighbors is generally very good

Please email or call me as this is very important information for me. It will help me narrow down the searches and get the perfect home for you

What are you looking for in a home? What are the 4-5 things that are non-negotiable. This will help me narrow searches in way home-specific homes and areas of Temecula or Murrieta. Please email this to [email protected] or you can contact us here and set up a zoom or phone conference.

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