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Realtor in Temecula

If you are looking for a realtor in Temecula, look no further than Greenleaf Real Estate. Here are some Greenleaf Real Estate reviews. We are a husband-and-wife real estate team with both broker and appraiser licenses. Whether you’re looking for a home’s value, buying a home, or selling a home, we have so many great programs that we have implemented over the years.

At the end of every blog post, I will add a local home search. This data comes directly from the local MLS and is updated daily. You can look through homes at your own leisure and customize them however you would like.

Here is a link to our VIP Buyer Program, which is also one of our favorites and why we are the go-to realtor in Temecula for so many home buyers.

Our team has spent years perfecting our programs and crafts. We actually get excited to negotiate for our buyers and sellers. Of course, we have made many mistakes over the years, but we have learned from them, which has made us much better in the negotiating process. Without a doubt, when it comes to selling your home, we routinely get thousands more just by understanding the process and knowing how to play the game.

Here’s a 20+ page seller’s guide for free.

We also have a great program for home sellers in regard to cost versus value. Our 4% total listing commission fee is another reason why we consider Greenleaf real estate and our team the best realtors in Temecula. One of the biggest highlights of this program is our Target marketing campaign. We have spent thousands of dollars over the years figuring out how to target buyers looking specifically in your area. We spend a lot of money to get these buyers, and our Facebook ads usually get up to a hundred different buyers asking for more information.

If you would like more information on the Greenleaf real estate home seller program, here it is:

In regards to home buyers, we obviously have the upper hand as licensed appraisers. We have never had a buyer overpay for a property; we have too much knowledge and experience with market data throughout Southern California. We see firsthand, having done over 20 appraisals every month, where the market is actually going. We can pick pockets in Southern California, where I’ve become more valuable, or the other way around. What other real estate company do you know of that has this kind of knowledge? Out of everything I talked about in regards to what we bring to the table for our buyers, this is probably the one thing I can say that makes us the best realtors in Temecula.

We have so much additional information about the Temecula area that we love sharing. On this web page, Exploring Temecula, yes, we talk a lot about real estate, but we also keep everyone informed through both video and blog posts on the best wineries, best restaurants, events going on, etc. If you’re interested in Temecula, make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel, Exploring Temecula. Of course, if you are looking for a great Realtor in Temecula, please give us a call or send us an email.

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