Pros And Cons Of Joining Temecula Wineries

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Pros And Cons Of Joining Temecula Wineries

This video is for all the wine lovers thinking of joining a few of the wineries in Temecula. Prospective home buyers looking to move to the area might find this article helpful as well. We will take our experiences and give you as much information as possible on whether or not joining wineries would be a good fit for you.

We belong to 3 Wineries and are avid wine drinkers. Not necessarily just for the wine, we just find it very relaxing to be in Temecula wine country spending the day with beautiful views, friends, food, and of course wine.

Pros Of Joining Wineries

Save Money

We save a ton of money since joining three or four wineries.  Depending on what type of wine or membership you decide to go with, monthly dues are going to be around $35-$65. With that, you’re going to get either a daily tasting or some wineries give you a tasting some month, you can share those with friends.  You are also going to get on average, one bottle of wine per month. 

 How do we look at it? If we go out to a restaurant three to four times a week and get two drinks each at $7 that will cost around $100 a week, or $400 a month.  All of our memberships combined cost a total of around $100 a month. With that, we get all of the tastings, plus 3 bottles of wine. If you actually use your memberships, there is no doubt you will save money in the long run.

Beautiful Scenery

 We talk about this in many of my blog posts and videos but even if you are not a wine drinker, Temecula wine country is an absolutely beautiful place to spend the day. If we didn’t drink wine, we would still make a point to spend time at a winery or two monthly.

Bring Friends depending on the Membership

As we mentioned earlier, different wineries have different rules in regards to how tastings work. Some wineries just give you a batch of tastings and you can disperse or drink those however you would like. One of the benefits of this type of membership is you can bring friends and have them drink for free. If you run a business, it’s a great way to spend an hour or two with clients

% off wine and Restaurants

There are a handful of wineries that have restaurants attached to them. One of the benefits of belonging to these wineries is you get a percentage off bottles of wine and the restaurant. If the winery does not have a restaurant, you still get around 20% off a bottle of wine.

Makes You Get out

 For most people, if they are spending money on something they make a point to do it. There have been many times where we were on the fence, do we feel like Drive Inn, do we feel like having a glass of wine, do we feel like being around people LOL. It never seems to fail, once we’re there, we always have a great time. When you’re spending money every month, you are definitely more apt to get out of the house.

Live Music

If you enjoy live music,  there are many wineries that have live music on the weekends or Friday afternoons. This will be something you will have to ask around and verify. personally, we would not join a  Winery that did not have live music once or twice a week. We love the atmosphere when there is live music playing. Also, many times these live music events attract people which makes going to the wineries a little more fun.

Local Food Trucks

If the winery doesn’t have a restaurant, many times they will hire a local food truck for the afternoon or night. This is a great idea, it gives you a chance to try a variety of foods made by different local small businesses throughout the Temecula Valley.

Here are a few blog posts & videos of our favorite wineries





If you don’t use it it’s just another bill

There are actually apps now that remind you about all of your bills. Many of us get caught up in life and don’t realize how much money comes out of our account each month for things we never use. Well, signing up for wineries is definitely going to fit this bill. Depending on the winery, there are usually 3 to 6-month obligations for signing up. If you find out but you never go to the wineries the only thing you’re going to get from it is a bottle of wine each month. My advice? Make a commitment that you will go once a week or once every couple of weeks to the wineries. This way you will get your money’s worth.

Very Busy on Weekends

This is a great thing for Real Estate prices but not so much for the person that wants to get out and enjoy the scenery and some wine on the weekends. The traffic in Temecula wine country is pretty bad on the weekends. With Wine Country Inn Temecula growing, you can only expect this to get worse.  I am writing this blog post right after covid-19 some of this traffic might be people just trying to get out to do something. Honestly, I don’t remember the weekend’s being this busy at the wineries but wine country is growing significantly.

Wine doesn’t taste great in the summer

We actually have a blog post talking about the four Seasons in Temecula here. There are three to four months where it gets very hot in Temecula. We can tell you from experience, wine does not taste that great when it’s 100 degrees, especially red wine. Don’t expect to spend late mornings or early afternoon at a winery during summer. During the rest of the year, this is when the wineries are very busy. From 12 to 4:00 on the weekends is prime time. Primetime is miserable many days in the summer in Temecula. This is definitely a con because many people want to get to the wineries at a decent hour during the weekends. Be aware, there will be some months where you might not use your membership all that much.

Generally going to be a drive for most people

 We live in  North Temecula, even for us, the closest Winery is a 17-minute drive. Just because you’re moving to Temecula or Murrieta doesn’t mean that it’s a hop skip and a jump to get to a winery quickly. Especially during rush hour or on the weekends. If you plan on going to a winery, give yourself an hour to get there and back. 

 Because of traffic and where the wineries are situated,  wine tasting can often be a full-day affair. 

Takes Away The Variety

If you like the idea of variety or trying many different wineries this will definitely hinder those plans. When you are paying monthly for a winery, you tend to spend more of your time at the wineries you belong to. In our experience, three wineries is the maximum amount of wineries you visit a day before you’re done. If you belong to two wineries, usually those will be the ones you go to most of the time.

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