Pros And Cons Of Buying A Home In Temecula

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Pros & Cons Of Buying A Home In Temecula

When you compare Temecula to other cities across Southern California it’s pretty shocking the crazy value you get living in Temecula. This blog post is going to talk about the Pros And Cons Of Buying A Home In Temecula.  If I was to pick the most affordable City in Southern California with the most upside, there’s no doubt it would be Temecula.

Schools & Safety

Schools in Temecula rank in the top 20% of all schools in regards to overall environment and test scores in California. You can Google pretty much any school in Temecula and have ratings from 8 to 10.

In regards to safety, Temecula is one of the safest cities I’ve ever lived in Southern California. The homeless population is next to nothing, petty theft feels like it’s non-existent and walking at night is something that I would do without any issue. There are  many other cities across Southern California that you cannot say the same about. Why not live in an affordable City that’s safe with great schools? 


I have talked about this a great deal in other blog posts and videos but the communities in Temecula are very unique.  When you enter the majority of communities in Temecula you instantly get a sense of calm, relaxation and a feeling of home. You don’t have to worry about car noise or people blowing by your house at a hundred miles an hour. It truly is a great feeling to be able to live peacefully but have every amenity you could ever imagine within 5 minutes of your home. This is the case for 90% of communities in Temecula. Here are a couple other blog posts that give you a really good perspective on Temecula Communities

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People move to Southern California because of the weather,  and when we talk about the Pros And Cons Of Buying A Home In Temecula, this is 100% a PRO!. If you want specifics, the weather is in between 65 degrees and 90 degrees for 8 months of the year. Mornings can be cool, especially in the winter. When summer does hit,  you are okay with the heat, at least for the first few months. This is a great time for pools, barbecues and outdoor activities. The only time I really get annoyed with the heat is late September, that’s when you start dreaming for the cooler weather, along with holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas.


Another great thing about Temecula is that the sun shines the majority of the time. When you compare Temecula to the beach, Temecula still wins. We don’t have the June gloom the beach has. 

Medical Facilities

In regards to medical facilities, I’m  going off of what I’ve read and what I’ve been told from others. I have been fortunate and have not had to use these but for those who need regular hospital or doctor visits, Temecula is on the cutting edge of many healthcare developments.

It’s a great Investment

Finally, and one of the most important things when buying a home! Invest in your future right?  I feel Temecula is a great investment for these reasons, first, Temecula is  unique because it gives residents a wide variety of amenities that other cities just don’t have. In Temecula alone, we have a casino with a spa, pool, RV park. gorgeous affordable  golf courses,  Old Town Temecula, and Wineries On top of that we have every restaurant imaginable and then top it off with  30-50 grocery stores. It doesn’t matter what your interests are Temecula has it. I truly don’t know what else you could really want in a city?

You cannot forget about wine country and when talking about Pros And Cons Of Buying A Home In Temecula, this is huge!. Temecula Wine Country hasn’t even come close to hitting its potential. When you ask people, where in the United States do you want to go on vacation and wine taste, it’s usually Napa. With the sheer amount of people in Southern California ( 20 million) and Wine Country growing at a fast pace, within 10-20 years Temecula will be on everybody’s map for  travel. This will only drive home prices up, especially if Temecula becomes a hotspot for vacationers.

Cons of Buying a Home in Temecula

When talking about Pros And Cons Of Buying A Home In Temecula, there are a few cons. I do have affordability as a pro as well but   if you are coming from a state like Ohio, or Michigan, home prices in Temecula will make your jaw drop.  You need to do your research on either rental rates or property values before you move out here.

Traffic and Commuting

Everybody knows California traffic sucks. Temecula is a commuter haven and the 15 freeway gets pretty busy in the morning and at night. If you decide to move to Temecula and  have to commute for your job, you need to be strategic in where you live. If you work towards San Diego, you need to live in South Temecula. This will cut off at least 20 minutes in regards to a drive. If you’re working in Riverside, or towards Los Angeles, you need to live in North Temecula. This will take off at least 30 minutes both ways. another thing that you should look at is finding a community close to the 15 freeway.

There are many beautiful communities in Temecula  that are no more than a five-minute drive to the 15 freeway. If you move too far inland and it takes you 20 minutes just to get to the freeway, it will get old fast. Yes, it is beautiful when you get in towards Wine Country, but it does take longer if you’re driving to work.

Gas Prices & Taxes

It’s no secret, gas prices and taxes are some of the highest in the United States. It’s definitely a con of buying a home in Temecula. Personally, I don’t mind because of the lifestyle this area allows me to lead. I’m okay with spending an extra 500 to $1,000 a year in gas to live in a sunny gorgeous area of the United States. In regards to taxes, yes they are higher than most other states but again, look where you’re living.

In addition, if you do plan on moving to Temecula and want to purchase a home you might want to look at older communities without Mello Roos or Special Assessment taxes.  These two things can drive up your monthly payment a great deal. Often, they are double what an older home or older community would be. The tax rate of Temecula is 1.2%, if you buy a new home in the Temecula area you can get up to 2.5% in regards to your tax rate.

I wrote a few blog posts and have video on low tax areas in Temecula, here are low Tax areas in the South Part of Temecula

Hopefully, this blog post gave you a good idea of both the pros and cons of buying a home in Temecula.  Personally, at this point in my life, I wouldn’t live anywhere else in the world. We have had the opportunity to travel extensively and have lived in many other places throughout the United States and the world. Nothing has come close to where we live now in this beautiful town of Temecula and the place we call home

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