Orange County Vs Temecula Valley

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Orange County vs Temecula Valley

Many people from Orange County have decided to take advantage of the home prices and move to a very nice city in Riverside County called Temecula. In this blog post and video, we talk about Orange County Vs Temecula Valley and why people have decided to make the move.

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In extremely simple terms, although only separated by 27 miles, Orange County is a more affluent and simply put, a luxurious version of Temecula Valley. Initial reactions to Orange County typically stem from The Real Housewives of Orange County, and many OC residents would state their people are of a “higher class”. In reality, Temeculans are more likely to be down to earth, but both areas offer ways to be adapted into whatever you want them to be. I will warn though, both areas experience heavy traffic conditions so I would recommend living close to work. As Temecula is located within Riverside County, Orange County is made up of 34 cities. For the purpose of this broad comparison, I will use Irvine and San Clemente to represent the surrounding county. Therefore, please keep in mind each city is so unique and may look and feel very different from the ones I am describing.

Demographics of Orange County Vs Temecula Valley

The 2020 population record of Temecula was 115,202 persons, growing at 0.13% annually with a median resident age of 35.7 years.

Everything in Orange County just feels bigger, beginning in Irvine with a population of 287,401 who on average age around 33 years. The smaller beach town of San Clemente comes in at a reasonable 64,558 persons, with a much older community, averaging 42 years old. The vast variety of livelihoods within Orange County is apparent in resident demographics. Irvine’s predominant race is Asain at 42.8%, followed by 39.3% white. On the other hand, San Clemente and Temecula are both white-dominated at 73.1% and 68.04%.

Cost of living Comparison

We are all very aware California is not the first choice when it comes to affordability. The state of California’s median household income falls around $80,440 while Temecula shoots above landing at $95,918. Irvine has an estimated median household income of $111,574, and (brace yourself) San Clemente residents are making an average of $127,650 a year. So, depending on what city you live in it is likely many of your neighbors are millionaires. Retail is extremely valuable, homes or condos carry an estimated median price of $933,600 in Irvine and $946,900 in San Clemente. Thankfully Temecula is slightly more reasonable, with a median house/ condo value of $485,600. This compared to the state rate of $568,500 says it all.

Temecula and San Clemente’s unemployment rates fall at 5.6%, with Irvine following close behind at 5.4%, both over 2% less than CA’s overall average! Popular careers in Temecula are management occupations (6.6%), registered nurses (3.0%), building and grounds cleaning and maintenance occupations (2.8%), computer specialists (2.8%), and other teachers, instructors, education, training, and library occupations (2.3%). Irvine’s top careers have to match the necessary income, filled with computer specialists (10.4%), other management occupations (9.0%), engineers (4.8%), accountants and auditors (3.3%), top executives (3.2%), and postsecondary teachers. If you would like a video explaining month-by-month expenses in Temecula, you can learn more here

Religion/ Politics

Before I wrote this report I felt that there was a large religious presence in Temecula. However, the data reveals a majority (55.6%) claim no religion, 27.5% are Catholic, and a small 11% claim to be evangelical Protestants. 46.5% of the people in Orange County are considered to be religious, mainly practicing Catholicism and Christianity.

In Riverside County, 53.0% of the people voted Democrat in the last presidential election, 45.0% voted for the Republican Party, and the remaining 2.0% voted Independent. In Orange County, CA 53.5% of the people voted Democrat in the last presidential election, 44.4% voted for the Republican Party, and the remaining 2.1% voted Independent.

Crime Rates

Thankfully crime rates in Temecula (murder, rape, robbery, assaults, thefts, arson) are all smaller than the state average. However, Irvine and San Clemente do it even better. With a national average of 270.6, Irvine boasts a crime index of only 86.7 and San Clemente comes in at 104.2.


On average, Temecula sees 276 sunny days a year, barely beaten by Irvine with 281. Rain is scarce, but Temecula and Irvine both receive around 12 inches each year. The peak of summer hangs in the mid-to-high 90s in Temecula and drops to 40 degrees in winter. Irvine is less extreme, with 82 degrees in summer and 47 degrees during winter. Next to the ocean, San Clemente is the most consistent, from 49 degrees to 77 degrees, and gets an average of 14 inches of rain each year.


Temecula’s claim to fame is definitely our beautiful wine country, fondly called the ‘jewel’ of Riverside County. With almost 50 wineries to choose from, each offers unique award-winning wines. On your visit, you can walk the grounds and sip at your own leisure, or take a guided tour and indulge in the beautiful tasting rooms. After you enjoy the locally handcrafted wine be sure to check out the spas, inclusive resorts, and gift shops attached.

One of my favorite features of Temecula is the near vicinity to so many different regions. Where else in America can you drive for only an hour and end up at the beach, mountains, or desert? Temecula is perfectly centrally located, there is always something fun to do nearby.

The biggest draw to Orange County is undeniably the 42 miles of picturesque coastline. Laguna Beach, Crescent Bay, and Crystal cove state park are just a few top-tier beaches out of the entirety of California. Other attractions include Disneyland and California Adventure Park, Balboa Island, and endless extravagant shopping malls and outlets. Both counties offer many championship golf courses, casinos, and festivals.

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