Miramonte Winery Temecula

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Miramonte Winery Temecula | Top Temecula Wineries

We continue our Temecula wine tour with Miramonte Winery Temecula. Our goal with Exploring Temecula is to document every single Winery in Temecula, give our pros and cons and whether or not we would consider joining as a member.  Miramonte Winery Temecula is one of the first wineries you’re going to come to off Rancho California road. This makes  Miramonte Winery very convenient as drive time is caught by 10 to 15 minutes when you compare it to others. Wine Country Inn Temecula can  get busy, especially on weekends, not having to deal with traffic is obviously a positive.

At the end of this blog post and video we have included Temecula home search. If you have any interest in moving to the area please reach out. We are Greenleaf real estate and appraisal company and have been selling and appraising real estate in the area for over 20 years. We would be happy to help with any of your needs and answer any questions in regards to the local real estate market. 

When You Arrive (Parking)

Much of the parking is on dirt and you will have a little bit of a walk up a hill. If you have a group of people, we suggest dropping them off at the front door and then going to find a parking spot. 

Miramonte Vibes 

We love it, it’s everything that you would expect in a winery. It’s laid-back, everybody is having a great time and it’s always busy enough to feel like it’s a party. Every time we have visited Miramonte Winery Temecula Winery both the outside area with the tables and Bistro were busy as well as the tasting room inside. One of the things we feel makes Miramonte Winery Temecula unique is the Cabanas overlooking the Vineyards and sweeping mountain view’s. We feel it’s a really unique feature and something you should definitely think about if you’re with a group of people. Make sure that you make reservations for a cabana here .

The Flower Hill Bistro

We have only eaten at the Flower Hill Bistro  a few times and we enjoyed everything we have ever ordered. It has the typical Winery menu with cheese, bread plates, salads and will cost anywhere from $14 to $30 depending on whether it’s an appetizer or I mean course. We usually go, buy a bottle of wine and split an appetizer. Here is the Flower Hill Bistro Menu  Temecula does get pretty hot in the summer and one of the benefits of The Bistro at Miramonte is they do have misters which help cool it off. It still can get pretty hot  though, full disclosure. 

Music and Entertainment at Miramonte Winery

This is one of those things that keeps trying us back to Miramonte Winery on the weekends. Both Friday and Saturday nights from 6 to 9 p.m. they usually have live music. This Winery gets hopping and is loads of fun. The tasting area is packed with people as well as the outside. Personally, we much prefer the ambiance and Atmosphere over any bar. You’re outside,  people are very friendly and talkative and it truly is an enjoyable night out if this is what you’re going for.


 We have been to many different wineries all over the world and one of the most fascinating things for us are wine tours.  It’s a great way to learn the history,  the process from growing the greatest all the way through to making the wine  and being able to sample both wine and food.  Miramonte has Wine Tours that are going to run around $75 per person. One of the great things about being a wine member is that it drops  to $35 and you can bring I guest. What a great way to spend a Saturday or Sunday.

Wine Membership

We are always looking for new wineries to join. If you are the type of person that enjoys going out once or twice a week for a drink, joining 4-5  wineries is definitely going to save you money over the long-term. You get eight tastings a month and each time you visit Miramonte Winery you can have up to 4 tastings. This is really helpful if you enjoy bringing friends or family with you on your wine tasting adventures. We always make sure that the wineries We join allow us to do this.  there are wineries that will give you a tasting daily but only two. This really doesn’t work out if you consistently have friends and family visiting. We would much rather be able to share our tastings with friends and family then go everyday and have two ourselves

Miramonte Winery memberships are going to range anywhere from $35 to $60 a month depending on which wine package you choose.  Reds, White’s, sangria or a mixture of both will be your choices. We never really critique wines in our blogs or videos as everybody has their own opinion.We are more interested in the experience having fun while meeting new people.

Would We Join Miramonte

Because of coronavirus  we have really slowed down on visiting wineries.We have narrowed it down to five or six and Miramonte is one of them. Every time we go to Miramonte Winery we have tons of fun, we love the people and the atmosphere and it has gorgeous views to top it off.. Another thing that we think separates Miramonte from any are the Friday and Saturday Night Live music sessions and how lively it gets.  For us,after a long week of work we really enjoy spending one night during the weekend going out, having some good wine, listening to some great music and meeting new people. Miramonte Winery is  what the doctor ordered.

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