Life in Temecula

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Life In Temecula

What is it actually like living in Temecula? Is it safe? Is there lots to do?  Is it good for weekend getaways? In this article and video we will talk about life in Temecula. We have had the opportunity to live all throughout Southern California over the past 15 years. After traveling the world, we decided to make Temecula California our home.  Throughout the past 15 years we would visit Temecula regularly for Winery Tours, shows at the Pechanga Casino or dinner in Old Town Temecula. We always saw it as a very unique place to live in Southern California. 

Temecula has a country style feel but still boasts a great deal of amenities and things to do throughout the city and surrounding area. If you are on the fence about moving or relocating to Temecula hopefully this article and video will help with your decision and give you an idea of what life in Temecula really is like.I will also go over some pros and cons of living in Temecula. 

At the end of this blog post I will include a free home search for the area. You may search homes throughout Temecula at your own Leisure. We don’t ask for any information just please keep us in mind if you ever decide to move to the area. 

Cost Of Living In Temecula

I have a few other videos and blog posts on cost-of-living that go more in-depth on this subject but overall Temecula is going to be one of the most affordable cities in all of Southern California in way of housing.  having said that, if you’re coming from a state we’re home prices on average are $200,000, you’re going to be disappointed. I don’t like  giving costs of housing because they constantly change and within 6 months the data could be significantly different. 

The two most expensive things when you compare it to other areas of America would be gas and home prices. Other than that groceries are going to be relatively the same and our produce is significantly Superior to many parts of the  United States well being very inexpensive. I can go to a grocery store like Sprouts and have produce for a few weeks for under $40. 

Yes, gas is expensive but if you have a Costco membership it does help alleviate some of that pain. Gas at Costco is usually about $0.50 per gallon cheaper than any other gas station around. As long as you plan ahead, you will definitely save hundreds of dollars over the year filling up at Costco. 

I would say restaurants are relatively the same in way of cost to most areas throughout the United States. We do have a lot of happy hours in Temecula which really help your wallet if you like to go for a quick bite to eat and a drink midweek. Usually, with a good happy hour you can have a drink or two and a couple appetizers for under $40.

Things To Do

Not only is there a lot of stuff to do inside the city of Temecula but we are lucky and have many activities within an hour and a half Drive Temecula.  If I wanted to, I could ski and go to the beach on the same day. The mountains, Big Bear where most people do there skiing in this area is about  a two-hour drive from Temecula. 

We also have Palm Springs, great for weekend getaways in the winter and golfing. We absolutely loved going to Palm Springs,  it has a great vibe and lots of really cool Mom and Pop restaurants and boutique hotels. Nothing better than sitting by the pool in December.

If you’re looking for a beach, we have Oceanside, San Clemente and Carlsbad beach within an hour’s drive of Temecula. Depending on what you’re looking to do, each of these beach towns has something unique. One of the things I love about San Clemente is Fisherman’s Restaurant which is right on the ocean. Nothing better than sitting on the rail over the ocean what’s a glass of wine eating Seafood. One of the things we love about Oceanside is the harbor.You can rent paddle boards for an hour or two and then head off to one of the many restaurants inside the harbor.  It’s an awesome Sunday Funday adventure.

We also have San Diego which is about an hour away. That’s a whole blog post on its own but as you could probably guess there is tons to do in San Diego. Coronado Island, the Coronado Hotel, baseball games, the Gaslamp District, golfing, SeaWorld and museums are just a tip of the iceberg of things that you can do while visiting San Diego. It’s an amazing City and we are only an hour away living in Temecula.

Los Angeles is another option if you like the big city. Personally, we try and stay away from LA unless we are going to LAX. Having said that, Santa Monica, Malibu and parts of Los Angeles are always fun to visit. Make sure you leave plenty of time to get around as traffic can be nightmarish.

Other areas and things we love doing that are close by Temecula include Julian, great for apple picking in the fall. Huntington Beach which is the surf capital of the United States, Newport and Laguna Beach  are beautiful cities along the coast. Rent a convertible and drive up and down PCH stopping  at one of the many places to either eat or have a drink. All of these things are easily accessible and what makes life in Temecula so amazing.


We have many videos on the wineries throughout Temecula.  if Temecula is known for one thing it is the wineries. The winery area is growing quickly but you still have the country style feel when you’re out there. Rolling Hills, cool breezes and vast use the Temecula Valley make wine tasting on a Sunday a very relaxing and enjoyable experience. This is right on her doorstep and we enjoy taking time each week to spend an hour or two at one of the over-40 wineries Temecula has to offer. 

 If you’re looking for a weekend getaway, we highly suggest you look into renting a room at one of the winery hotels. I can tell you from first-hand experience that it is very romantic, relaxing and  an unforgettable experience.There is no doubt,  you will want to move here after a weekend at the wineries haha.

Temecula Neighborhoods

If you are planning to move or relocate to Temecula you’re going to be hard-pressed to find an area in Temecula that you would not live in and feel safe.  99% of the neighborhoods in Temecula are safe, clean, well-kept and pride in ownership is evidence at every level. Most communities in Temecula will have HOAs but the amenities in the neighborhood are definitely worth it. Pools, walking paths, tot lots, hot tubs, basketball courts and volleyball courts are very common. You’re not just paying for somebody to take care of a front sign and some Landscaping. If you’re looking for specific neighborhoods our goal over the next year is to highlight every single neighborhood in Temecula on our YouTube channel called Exploring Temecula. This is a great YouTube channel for individual highlights of each and every neighborhood throughout  the city of Temecula. These videos will paint a clear picture of each one of these neighborhoods and life in Temecula as a whole. 

Stress Levels

We will try to explain this to the best of our ability but this is obviously going to be different for everyone. If you are used to a town of say,  2000 people Temecula definitely could be stressful for you. What we can say, without hesitation is that Temecula is the most relaxing, stress free city we have lived in throughout Southern California. The weather is great, it’s not too crowded,  communities are quiet and auctions for large Lots in very quiet communities are plentiful. One of the things we love about Temecula is much of the area is zoned with 2 + acre parcels.  This is not going to allow developers to come in and build homes, upon homes, upon Homes. It’s comforting to know  that wine country is going to stay intact. Our horse communities will stay intact, our agricultural area of deluz will always stay intact. If you  want to home with land we have it. But even our communities are very quiet, peaceful with great people.

Job Opportunities in Temecula

Temecula is a commuter City.  Firefighters, teachers, cops, waitresses or small businesses  are the people that are going to be living and working within the city of Temecula. There are many people that commute to San Diego,  Orange County, Riverside and probably even towards LA. Having said that, one of the things  I talked about in one of my other videos is the sheer amount of people allow you the opportunity to do very well for yourself if you work hard and stay consistent. There is definitely an opportunity to make money in Temecula. It’s just a matter of bringing a product or service that people want and growing it.

Life in Temecula when it comes to golfing

 If you are a golfer you’re going to love Temecula. If we were to guess, there are 20 to 30 golf courses within 40 miles of Temecula. Most being affordable and will cost anywhere from $30 to $60 per round  during the week. I regularly play in the afternoons during the summer months for $30. It’s a bit hot but by 6 or 7 it’s beautiful. Some of my favorite times playing golf in the Inland Empire we’re summer right after dinner. Some of the  golf courses specifically in Temecula include Redhawk Golf Course, Temecula Hills, Cross Creek, Journey at Pechanga just to name a few.

 The two Golf Course communities in Temecula include Redhawk and Temeku Hills. The Redhawk community does not have an affiliation with the Redhawk Golf course but many of the homes throughout the community have golf course reviews. I have an in-depth blog post and video on Redhawk. This is a very important video for anybody thinking of moving to that community. I highlight every single sub Community with HOA costs and which communities are gated. This is important because not all communities in Redhawk are created equal. Some major ways are higher than others well some communities have Golf Course views and others don’t. It’s important to understand yes. Just because you’re living in Redhawk does not mean you have a golf course view in a gated community.


There are tons and tons of restaurants throughout Temecula.  Temecula has any type of food you’re looking for. In our opinion, if you’re looking for a night out on the town with a few drinks and great food, we suggest Old Town Temecula. There are plenty of restaurants along this strip with great food and atmosphere. Many restaurants will either have live music or a DJ later on in the night. If you’re  looking to just have a drink, we suggest Luke’s On Front as they have great views and a pretty cool vibe.

 One of the things that  we never thought would be enjoyable but actually loved is  what’s called the coin op gaming/bar in Old Town. The games are fun, they have great drinks and it truly is an awesome Friday or Saturday night with Friends. Check it out  if you’re down in that area. 

You’re  life in Temecula when it comes to restaurants will be pretty top-notch. You’ll never get bored and there’s plenty of  places to eat, grab drinks or a quick bite to eat. If the restaurant isn’t good, it won’t survive as there is plenty of competition.  Many of these restaurants are unique and stand out from each other in one way or another.

Pechanga Casino

This could be another blog post on its own but for purposes of life in Temecula as a whole, I’ll shorten it up. Pechanga casino is not just about gambling. We routinely visit on a Friday or Saturday night to go to dinner and a show or stand-up comedy. There is also a nightclub, beautiful pool and an RV Resort. Personally, we feel it’s the nicest Casino around. It also makes for a nice weekend getaway. The rooms are well-kept and you’ll have plenty to do within the surrounding area and resort without even hitting the tables or slot machines.(if you are not into gambling)

 If you do have an RV we really suggest you check out the Pechanga Resort RV area. Our parents stayed there a few years back and it had everything you could ever want or need. Wi-Fi, pool privileges and the park is very well kept in safe.

Weather in Temecula

This is one of those things that makes life in Temecula better than most places throughout the USA. Yes, we do get some heat from July through September but other than that the weather is pretty unbeatable. Cool mornings, nice afternoons and constant sunshine. We do get rain in December and January but not anything crazy. The average temperature is going to be anywhere from 70 to 85 degrees. Right now, midsummer it’s on average 95 degrees to a hundred degrees everyday. It really cools off at night. 

The weather in the summer is absolutely perfect and beautiful to visit wineries later on in the evening. If you’re at the wineries from 6 to 9 p.m. the weather will be perfect. shorts, t-shirt and maybe a light jacket at times is all you’re going to need.

Airports Near Temecula

 Temecula is not only close to the mountains and the beach is but also airports. We have 5 airports within an hour and a half drive of Us. San Diego Airport, John Wayne Airport, Palm Springs Airport, Ontario airport and LAX which is Los Angeles, are all within an hour to an hour and a half drive depending on when you leave during the day. This is a huge plus for anybody that likes to travel or needs to travel for work. You have 5 options to price out and figure out what the best option is to get to your final destination. 

Hopefully this gave you a little peek into what Temecula does have to offer. In our opinion, it’s going to be in the top 10 places you could move to in all of Southern California. We might even go out on a limb and say top 5. When you take everything into consideration, cost-of-living, safety, things to do, proximity to amenities and beautiful neighborhoods you really can’t beat life in Temecula. If you have any questions please reach out anytime and we’d be glad to help.

Thank you for reading our blog, if you have any interest in moving to Temecula or the surrounding area please read the  Google Reviews here for Greenleaf Real Estate & Appraisal.

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