Harveston Temecula 5 Top Reasons To Move Here

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Harveston Temecula Top 5 Reasons to Relocate Here

If you’re looking for information on Harveston Temecula, you have found the right website. In this blog post and video, we will go over Harveston Temecula and the top five reasons to move here. We know the Harveston Temecula Community very well and think it is a great place to live. At the bottom of this blog post, we will have a tailored home search just for the Harveston community. These listings come straight from the MLS and are updated daily.


I talk a great deal about housing affordability in Southern California. Temecula is one of the most affordable, safe, and beautiful cities in all of Southern California. Within the city of Temecula, you have Harveston and Harveston Lake. If you take the median average home price in Temecula, you can purchase a home in the Harveston community below that. I know this area very well, and for the amenities and luxuries you received within the Harveston community, you can’t beat it.

HOA Amenities

HOA amenities include a beautiful lake with a 1-mile walking path, a huge public pool, a jacuzzi, boat rides, a barbecue and gathering area, a large meeting room, yoga classes, sports parks, and much more. Personally, I love exercising and walking around the lake in the morning or late afternoon during sunset. It’s relaxing and nice to see everybody out enjoying the beautiful, sunny Southern California weather.

There are many HOAs across Southern California that really don’t give you much for what you pay for. Oftentimes, HOAs can cost $50 to $100 and only take care of the main entrance and some landscaping. For most of the Temecula communities, this is not the case, especially Harveston. There is so much to do, and it is truly easy to get involved with the community.

Depending on where you work, you really need to be strategic about where you live in Southern California. Yes, Temecula is a commuter city, and picking the wrong area of Temecula can add hours to your drive time per week. If you are working in the North, I highly suggest that you take a hard look at the Harveston community. The traffic gets bad where the 15 freeway and the 215 freeway split. Check out Google Maps to see exactly where I’m talking about. If you work in the north and live in south Temecula, you will easily add an hour to your daily commute. With Harveston, you can get on the freeway at Murrieta Hot Springs and miss all of the traffic where it gets congested before the split.

Excellent for People Who Enjoy Working Out

I touched on it a little earlier in the blog post, but Harveston Lake is a great place to exercise. The gym can get boring sometimes, and often, switching up your workout routine is a great thing. I use Harveston Lake often to get some exercise and be outdoors. There are areas where you can do lunges and step-ups on the various picnic tables; there are even gazebos overlooking the lake where you can stop and do circuits of push-ups and squats.

One thing I noticed very early on when walking around Lake Harveston was how friendly the people were. Everyone is out having fun, saying hello, and smiling. This was a nice change after walking the beach paths for the past three or four years.

It’s also a great place for people to walk their dogs. If you are a dog lover, this is a great place for not only for you to get some exercise but your

Proximity to Important Amenities

One of the best things about Lake Harveston is how close it is to grocery stores, restaurants, the mall, Lowe’s, Costco, and many other conveniences.

Costco: Everyone always talks about how expensive gas is in California. It’s very convenient and easy to go fill up at Costco, which is only five minutes away from your house. On average, Costco gas is going to be about $0.50 cheaper per gallon. Over a year, that’s a ton of money.

Winco: This is one of my favorite grocery stores and will be within a 5-minute drive of your house. It’s a Costco with smaller portions. It has everything you need at great prices.

Promenade Mall: This is the outdoor mall that is going to be around 5 minutes from your house in Harveston. There’s tons of shopping, and it’s really fun to walk around and stop at the various restaurants for either a drink or a bite to eat. One of our favorites is Yard House, where on Wednesday nights they have half-price bottles of wine and half-price appetizers from 3 to 6 p.m. It’s an amazing deal and fun to get out midweek.

I could go on and on about how many things are close to the Harveston community. If there is something specific you are looking for, I suggest you Google it, and you’ll probably find it close by.

So there you have it, Harveston Temecula. Top 5 Reasons to Relocate Here If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call us. My name is Joel, and I am the broker-owner of Greenleaf real estate here in Temecula. My wife, Christie, is a licensed and certified appraiser. We have you covered, regardless of what you need.

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We have attached a local home search below showing all active homes in the Harveston community. You can narrow the search down by size, beds, baths, price, or even draw an area on the map, and everything listed will come up for you.

Thank you for reading our blog. We are a local husband-and-wife real estate brokerage (Greenleaf Real Estate) and appraisal company. If you have any questions regarding real estate in or around the Temecula area, please don’t hesitate to call us. We have some great VIP programs for both buyers and sellers. We will represent you with honesty and integrity while saving you money. Please fill out the form below, and we will contact you ASAP.

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