Harveston Temecula vs Redhawk Temecula

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Harveston Temecula vs Redhawk Temecula

The Harveston and Redhawk communities in Temecula are two of the largest and more popular neighborhoods in Temecula. We thought it would be a great idea to write a blog post and produce a video on Harveston Temecula vs Redhawk Temecula. By the end of this article, you will have a better understanding of both these communities and which one will better fit your lifestyle or living situation.

Harveston vs Redhawk Location

Before moving to Temecula we strongly suggest that you map out the location of employment and the neighborhood or community you plan to live in. Redhawk is located in the southern part of Temecula,  while Harveston is north. 

If we were working in the San Diego area or San Diego County, Redhawk would be one of the first communities we would be looking at. If you live in Redhawk and work South it will cut off at least 30 to 40 minutes of drive time per day when compared to Harveston. On the flip side, if you are working in Riverside or closer to Los Angeles, Harveston will cut off 20 to 30 minutes of drive time per day. 

Southern California can bring great quality of life. With its abundance of restaurants, outdoor activities, and restaurants, there is never a shortage of things to do. Living in your car is not going to improve your quality of life nor give you the time to enjoy everything Southern California has to offer.

Both communities offer their residents plenty of close by amenities. This is one of the unique things about Temecula. It really doesn’t matter what community you live in, grocery stores, gas stations, restaurants, golf courses and schools are all a stone’s throw away. 

( Side note-  the Redhawk Community has nothing to do with the Redhawk Golf Course, they are both separate entities.)

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Harveston VS Redhawk HOA and Community Amenities

Harveston HOA

I would have to say that Harveston is the winner when it comes to community amenities. In our opinion, Harveston is probably the best community in all of Temecula when it comes to what the HOA actually offers its residents. 

  • Beautiful Lake
  • 1 Mile walking path around the lake
  • Olympic sized swimming pool and spa ( Pool has Cabanas for shade)
  • BBQ area
  • Multiple parks, baseball and soccer fields 
  • Yoga
  • Child care

The one thing you have to watch out for with the HOA in Harveston is the different costs. Most of the community will pay around $100 per month but there are sections that will have a double HOA and bring the cost over $200 per month. We suggest staying away from these higher HOA’s. One of the biggest reasons  Would probably be resale value. Many people do not want to pay a $200+  HOA unless they are specifically looking for guard-gated communities.

Redhawk HOA

Even though Red Hawk is considered one big Community, there are different HOA’s and many different sub-communities within Redhawk. Some of Red Hawk is gated which drives the HOA higher. 

HOAs are going to run in Red Hawk from $40 to $140 per month depending on which sub Community you live in. When it comes to community pools, there aren’t any. Each sub-community of Red Hawk might have a few tot lots or parks but no pool for all of its residents in a central location. 

Harveston VS Redhawk Homes

Overall, we are going to give a slight edge to Redhawk on this one. Reason being? Even though they’re both track home communities there is more variety in Redhawk when looking for views, sizes, and style. 

Overall, as beautiful as the Harveston community is, many of the homes are a little choppy in our opinion. This is most likely because of the time period of build-out and what was popular then.  When first entering many of the properties you will have offices and living rooms chopped off from the rest of the home.  You don’t have that open feel in some models that everybody is looking for today.

On the contrary, Red Hawk has many different communities, home styles, views. Because it’s a little bit of an older community, many people have remodeled and made the necessary upgrades to appeal to the masses which is the open floor plans and the more modern kitchen looks. 

 By no means are we saying that Harveston does not have beautiful homes, in fact, there are some absolutely beautiful homes in Harveston. We are talking generally, and if you took a hundred homes from both communities you would have more options with style, yards, views, etc in the Redhawk community.

Harveston VS Redhawk Home Prices

As of writing this article, the average price per square foot in Harveston is around $292 per square foot.  In Redhawk, the average price per square foot is $260 per square foot. This is a small sample size but over the last 5 Years, most months have Harvestons price per square foot above Redhawks. We feel that the price per square foot is a little higher in Harveston because of what the community has to offer through its HOA. Many families really like the idea of having a lake, beautiful pool and walking path to use with their family.  The Harveston community is also a little newer, whether that plays a part in why people are paying a little more for Harveston homes we don’t know.

Harveston VS Redhawk Overall Landscape

Even though we live in the North end of Temecula, we do prefer the landscape of  Southern Temecula. We feel that there’s more opportunity for nice views, more trees and it is greener. As I mentioned earlier in the blog post, one of the main reasons we chose North Temecula was because of our jobs. Oftentimes, we are in Riverside, Menifee or Murrieta for work and it didn’t make sense for us to drive that extra 20 minutes every day to live in southern Temecula. Looking back,  we definitely made the right decision. Harveston allows us to get to the freeway, grocery stores, shopping, Old Town, and restaurants all within 5 minutes. Bottom line, if you like views there’s much more opportunity in the southern part of Temecula

Harveston VS Redhawk Tax Rate

The tax rates between the two areas are fairly similar. Figure that tax rate in both areas is going to be around 1.4-1.6%. HOA costs will be a little less in Redhawk depending on where you live. ( Some Communities are gated) There are many areas of Red Hawk that have an HOA of less than $50. In Harveston, your HOA will start at $100 and go up from there. For exact tax rates of specific areas contact us and we can have our Title Company pull exact rates for any home in either area.

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