Does Temecula Have The Best Quality Of Life In Southern California?

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Does Temecula have the best quality of life in Southern California?

We have had the luxury of living in many different areas throughout Southern California. Whether you love Southern California or not, you can’t deny that we have some of the best weather in the world, the most amenities, the best restaurants, and the most golf courses. But does Temecula have the best quality of life in southern California?

In Temecula, you can technically go lie on the beach and ski on the same day! With all the positives about Temecula, there is still a great deal of Southern California that you would not catch me dead in. Yes, it’s changed a great deal over the past 30 years, but there are still gorgeous cities that have a great quality of life. In my opinion, Temecula does have the best quality of life in Southern California. Full disclosure, I am not a big city guy; Los Angeles or San Diego just don’t appeal to me. For some people, the big city life is what they live for, but in my opinion, unless you’re totally rich, city life sucks in Southern California.

In this post and video, I am going to go over in detail why I think Temecula has the best quality of life in Southern California. Things like affordability, a sense of community, cleanliness, and quiet communities are a few of the things I am going to go over.

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Affordability is always on everybody’s mind. This is probably the number one reason people either leave or hate California. The biggest expense people have in Southern California is the purchase of a new home. What really amazes me is how many people buy into these horrible cities! Dirty and unsafe, and spend a million dollars on a two-bedroom home. Los Angeles is a prime example of this. I could take you to many communities that have home prices of $700,000-$800,000 where you wouldn’t even walk at night, let alone buy a home.

Home prices and communities are where Temecula wins on a large scale. You’re getting a home for half the price of any big city, and Temecula is very safe; communities are clean, and amenities are plentiful.

The Cost of Fun

Any big city in Southern California is going to charge you an arm and a leg for everything. Just parking and cover charges are going to set you back one night out in Temecula.  Wineries, happy hours, and free live music are just a few of the things that we regularly have here in Temecula that won’t destroy your wallet. We regularly go out for a drink, have something to eat, and listen to music for under $50. We actually wrote an extensive blog post and video on 5 inexpensive date nights in Temecula.

Sense of community

Whatever your definition of “sense of community” is, Temecula has it. Churches, social groups, sports leagues, farmer’s markets, and balloon festivals. Even vegan festivals are a thing here; Temecula seems to have everything. These events are organized very well, and there is always a friendly atmosphere. Yes, big cities have all of these things, but do you really want to go out and deal with traffic again after being in your car for 15 hours during that week, then pay for parking?

I really don’t know how to explain it; it’s just easy here. An example? I have a softball league I joined this year. I drive 10 minutes, park my car, walk to the ball field, have fun, and leave. I don’t have to worry about paying for parking, finding parking in a field tagged with graffiti, homeless and druggies, or trash everywhere.


When I think of cleanliness in Southern California, Irvine is probably the only city that beats Temecula that I have lived in or visited. When you drive around the streets, walk through the parks, go to the public pool, or go to the volleyball courts, you rarely see garbage. Everything is well respected by both the residents and taken care of by the city.

Public Facilities

Not only are they plentiful, but they are well taken care of. I’m going to use the softball league example again. It’s pretty amazing that I can walk onto a baseball field and be amazed at how well it’s maintained.I am from Canada, and I’ve never really played any baseball, but I do notice when something is in pristine condition. All the baselines are chalked every week, the outfield is lush green grass, and we have great umpires and bats provided. I also have a long video on my YouTube channel called “Exploring Temecula” that shows many other community parks and places in Temecula. I have never been to a public facility in Temecula and thought it was run down, dirty, or needed work.

Quiet Communities

One thing that everybody understands about Southern California is how busy it is. Freeway traffic, amusement parks, sporting events, grocery stores—regardless of which one of these you’re dealing with, it’s going to be hectic, annoying, or even flat-out maddening. Temecula has a bit of this at certain times, but you can always guarantee that when you arrive at home, the community is going to be quiet and peaceful.

I have done multiple videos on many different communities in Temecula. It doesn’t matter which community you enter; you go from busy to quiet to calm within seconds. Every community I have ever produced a video on has a sense of relaxation and is totally different from the outside world.

Crowne Hill, 10 Best Communities in Temecula and, Meadowview are a few videos I’ve made about specific communities.

Finally! Wine Country

So this is what really separates Temecula for me. It’s amazing that you can be in the middle of everything in the city of Temecula and be in the country in minutes. Restaurants, happy hours, shopping, movie theaters, casinos, and grocery stores are all minutes from your home, but within 10 minutes you are in the country with gorgeous rolling hills, beautiful wineries, and a total sense of serenity.

I was taking pictures for an appraisal yesterday, and the only thing I kept thinking to myself was how beautiful this area is and how lucky I am to be living here. Another thing people have to realize is the zoning in this area. Parcels will range from two and a half acres to five acres, so there will never be a mass subdivision-type building. I will always have a country lifestyle 10 minutes from my house.

Hopefully, this short description of Temecula gave you a good idea of what it is like to live here. In my opinion, without a doubt, Temecula has the best quality of life in Southern California. If you ever have questions about the area, please give us a call at 951-897-9466 or email us at [email protected]. My name is Joel Daniel, and I am the owner. I found her through Greenleaf Real Estate in Temecula. My wife, Christy, is a certified residential appraiser. If you have questions about the community, and the housing market, or are on the fence about where to move in the area, please reach out. We love talking about the area just as much as living here.

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