Cost of Living Temecula vs. San Diego

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Cost of Living: Temecula vs. San Diego

Southern California is full of beautiful places to live. However, the question on a lot of people’s minds is: how much does it cost to live here? I’ve compiled a list of different costs and how they differ between Temecula and San Diego in this blog. Real estate and housing costs are, of course, significant aspects. However, costs like groceries, gas, and restaurants do add up over time. All of these aspects should be considered when deciding which city is right for you.

Real Estate and Housing

As compared to the national average (100), San Diego rates 279, and Temecula has a rate of 204.6. Overall prices for the same home are expected to be quite a bit more expensive in San Diego. This is true with most places in California; the closer you move to the coast, the more expensive real estate will be. The average home cost in Temecula is $172,200 less than in San Diego! This makes Temecula an excellent option for first-time homebuyers or people who are looking to get a little more “bang for their buck.”

Not only are the home prices more expensive, but rent is also higher in San Diego. The average monthly payment for a 3-bedroom rental in Temecula is $2,020, while the average in San Diego is $3,019. This is especially interesting when you look at the average income across all industries. The average income in Temecula is $39,645; in San Diego, it is $37,645.


On average, grocery store prices are very similar in both cities. However, they do tend to be slightly more expensive in San Diego as a whole. This could be for many different reasons; San Diego does have a higher density of natural and organic grocers, so that is something to factor in. Pictured here is a chart of the average cost of commonly purchased grocery items. Again, keep in mind that this is an average, and certain stores do keep their prices the same throughout the state.


If you’re like me, then you probably enjoy going out to a good dinner at least a few times per month without breaking the bank. While both of these cities have great restaurant and nightlife options, San Diego definitely takes the cake when it comes to variety. San Diego is such a large city and has recently become a foodie destination. The average cost of a nice dinner for two in San Diego is about $15 more expensive than in Temecula. This doesn’t seem like a huge difference, especially if you cook at home often. Depending on your lifestyle, though, this could add up quickly and is definitely something to consider.

Nightlife and Bars

Nightlife in Temecula is mostly centered around the Old Town Temecula area. There are plenty of bars and restaurants to choose from in this bustling part of town; however, you would be hard-pressed to find a true nightclub. Most of these bars and restaurants rarely (if ever) have a cover charge, and they typically have no more than about a hundred patrons at a time. San Diego, on the other hand, has the famous Gaslamp District! This area is home to 180 restaurants, 50 bars, and 10 nightclubs! If you love the nightlife scene, this area is definitely the place to be. Keep in mind that some of these nightclubs can have a cover charge of $10–50 (depending on the DJ), and cocktails are usually $15–20.

Outdoor recreation

Temecula and San Diego both have a lot of free outdoor activities!Both of these cities, like most of California, have lots of great hiking trails. My family and I like using to find all the best hiking spots. San Diego, of course, is located right on the ocean, making it the perfect place to pack a cooler and spend the day swimming or tanning. Another great activity is strolling along the strand and checking out the shops in Coronado. The restaurants and cafes in this area are very pricey ($8 lattes and $16 salads!  ), but you can save money with just a bit of planning.

Temecula is most well known for its beautiful wineries with views of the rolling hills and vineyards. All of these wineries offer monthly memberships for as little as $20. With these memberships, you get a number of monthly wine tastings and usually a few bottles to take home. This is by far the best way to experience Wine Country in Temecula. Unfortunately, these wineries are not like the beach—you will have to pay either by the glass or by membership in order to experience the relaxing winery feel and beautiful scenery.


For those of you who are golfers, both cities will have you covered! San Diego has over 90 golf courses throughout the city. The elite golf courses in San Diego, such as Torrey Pines, can run you anywhere from $100 to $230 (with discounts for San Diego residents). There are some courses that are more affordable, such as Coronado Golf Course, which can be found for as little as $30.Temecula has a more modest number of courses, with only seven in the city and five more in the neighboring cities of Murrieta and Menifee. Some of the local golf courses in Temecula have prices as low as $10 and are very well maintained.

Misc. Costs

There are many other costs to consider when moving to a new city that a lot of us do not think about. Whether you have children or enjoy more expensive types of sports activities, it’s always a good idea to familiarize yourself with the prices before deciding where to live. This is a chart listing the average prices for a few of these common expenses. I highly recommend doing a bit of research in this department if you know there are specific aspects of your lifestyle that cost you money on a regular basis.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog; I hope you found his information useful. I am a licensed real estate agent and specialist in the Temecula Valley and surrounding area. If you have any questions regarding the Temecula housing market or real estate in general, please contact me.

My direct number is 949-291-9401 and my email is [email protected].

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