Buying Vs Renting In Temecula

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Buying Vs Renting in Temecula

For anyone thinking of moving to Temecula, this blog post will give you a really good idea of buying vs renting in Temecula. The video in this blog post goes over exactly what the average home in Temecula rents for as well as what your payment will be when purchasing an average priced home in Temecula. 

First, I wanted to start out with the Pros and Cons of both renting and buying a home in today’s market.

Pros of Renting in Temecula

A few of the  Pros of renting in Temecula  are as follows: If something breaks in the house you don’t have to worry about paying  to replace it

  1.  You don’t have to worry about paying taxes, HOA or insurance
  2. You  don’t have to pay for upkeep like yard work or pool maintenance
  3.  if the property does have an HOA with a pool, hot tub, barbecues you have full use of all of those amenities without having to actually pay for the HOA.
Cons of Renting In Temecula
  1. You are paying somebody else’s mortgage
  2.   I  have rented and purchased homes in my life. The feeling you have when you own your own home is much different than renting. You’re more apt to put your own personal touch on a home you own, spend money upgrading different things or even be more conscious about taking care of the property.
  3.  You don’t know how long you will be able to live at the property. You could rent for one year, love it and the landlord decides to sell and you have to move again.
Pros of Purchasing a Home in Temecula

       1.  You can write off both your interest payments and taxes.

       2.  You can take advantage of today’s low rates. We are still in historic territory in regards to how low-interest rates are. It’s not a bad thing to be boring money at 4% or              less.

       3. You get to put your own personal touches on your home. If you want to add a built-in BBQ, you can do it. If you want to paint your house, you can do it. If you want               to put hardwood floors in you can do it. These will all make your home more sellable in the future.

Cons Of Purchasing A Home in Temecula

      1. Yard maintenance is yours to take care of. If you don’t want to take care of your own landscaping you’re going to have to hire somebody to do it.

      2. If you own a pool, you will have to take care of that yourself or hire somebody to do it.

      3. You have to pay your HOA, taxes and general upkeep. If your water heater goes out, you’re on the hook for that.

 If you are buying an average home in Temecula (2100-2400 square ft,) with 10% down, your payment will be $2,600- $2,900 a month. If you are renting a home in Temecula that is 2000 sq ft – 2300 sq ft, you can expect your payment to be from $2,200 a month to $2,700 a month. 

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