Best Do-It-Yourself Car Wash In Temecula

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Best Do-It-Yourself Car Wash In Temecula

Everybody needs to wash their car right?  I thought I do a video on the best do-it-yourself car wash in Temecula. Many times we don’t want to spend $Christy40 or $50 just getting your car washed. Well, if you’re willing to do a little work yourself you can get in and out for $6, yes $6. That includes vacuuming and the use of the air compressors. 

Where is it?

 Fast5xpress car wash is just off Murrieta Hot Springs. It’s pretty convenient for anybody going in or out of Temecula. It’s basically a 3 to 5-minute drive off the freeway exit from the 215.  if you would like reviews and directions just Yelp fast5xpress car wash.

Why I liked it?

I liked it because it was simple, easy to get to and inexpensive. I don’t like spending $50 on a detail when all I need is a quick vacuum and wash. I like that I can throw a towel in  the trunk and just getter done.

I also liked that they have monthly memberships. The memberships range from 20 to $40 per month and you can basically use the best do-it-yourself car wash in Temecula whenever you want. 

Things to be aware of

Yes, I did like the car wash and we’ll use it regularly but there are some things that people need to understand. First, if your car is really dirty I probably would go with a detail over this car wash. It’s not the greatest with tires and you’re definitely going to have to wash them yourself with a towel if they are really dirty. Also, you will probably need a towel for the back of your car. Everything else dried pretty well except the back end. They also told me that if you have a spoiler on your car it really has difficulty washing the top part of the back of your car.

Something I didn’t Notice

They do have air compressors, Stop which are above the vacuum cleaners. I didn’t see them the first time I washed my car until I was driving away. what a great way to get all the dirt from in between the crevices in your car right?

Overall Experience

Again, if you want a Quick Car Wash that’s inexpensive this is the place that you want to go. Everybody was professional and it moved through quickly. Get the monthly membership and keep that car cleaned regularly.

Here at Exploring Temecula we try and promote all local businesses that we enjoy. 5 Express Car Wash has a good product and we are happy to do a video and short blog post on it.  

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population or petty crimes that are prevalent and growing in frequency like many other parts of Southern California. I would have no worry at all, walking in any area of Temecula at night. Of course, you always have to be cautious but it really is a city you feel safe in.

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