Top 3 Things to do BEFORE Hiring a Realtor in Temecula California

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Top 3 Things to do BEFORE Hiring a Realtor in Temecula California

So you’re thinking about buying or selling a home in Temecula, what should you do first? Buying or selling a home (especially your first home) can be a stressful and confusing process. There is a lot of information out there about the nitty-gritty of the transaction, but not many people talk about how to prepare during the months leading up to it! I’ve compiled the top 3 things to do BEFORE hiring a Realtor in Temecula California, so lets get to it!

#1 Finances:

The biggest and probably most difficult part to accurately plan for is the finances and money required to buy a home. There are a few different aspects to consider when reviewing your finances and making sure you are fully prepared for the road ahead.

Sitting down and crunching the numbers is not a sexy or fun part of buying a home but it truly is a vital aspect. I won’t go through all the ways you can create a budget, what’s important is that you find a way that works for you and figure out your numbers! It’s useful to look at your lifestyle, vacations, outings, hobbies, etc., and decide how much you spend per month maintaining your current lifestyle. Normally it is suggested to have a mortgage that is no more than 25-28% of your income so that should be factored in as well.


The somewhat obvious box to check off is getting pre-qualified for a loan. Of course, these days you can do everything online, however, if this is your first time purchasing a home or you have had significant changes to your credit/ employment since your last home purchase I highly recommend speaking to a loan officer personally. The advantages of working directly with a loan officer are immeasurable. You can ask them all of your questions and properly convey to them what your expectation is and what type of payment would be most realistic for you (this is when that budget you made comes in handy).

Something to keep in mind at this point is; just because you’re pre-qualified for a certain loan amount, that does NOT mean that’s how much you should spend. Again, this goes back to the budget, the bank may have an idea of how much they think you can afford however you know your lifestyle and expenses. If you like vacations and weekly dinners out or if you plan to start a family or adopt a few pets, these are things that the bank is not going to consider, so it is up to you to be realistic about these expenses and plan accordingly.

Expect the unexpected

No matter how well we plan, doesn’t it seem like something always pops up that we never even considered? Well… buying a home is no different. Whether it’s simply moving costs, home repairs, or taxes, it’s best to be prepared! So just make sure you have a backup fund set aside for unforeseen charges. This will help relieve stress and allow you to focus on the bigger picture without sweating every time your realtor calls

#2 Location:

Most people know what city in Riverside County that they envision themselves living in. However, a lot of cities have tons of different neighborhoods that are best for different lifestyles and people. It can be very beneficial to visit the different areas in the city you’d like to live in and see which one would suit you and your family best.

If possible, drive around different neighborhoods and start to get a feel for how it would be to live there. Maybe you like one because it has a better School District with nicer parks, and another is an older community but the homes are much less expensive. Either way, it’s good to familiarize yourself with these different areas because you may consider your second or third choice neighborhood if it means getting the home of your dreams for a great price! Once you get a real estate agent working for you they should provide insight into the different areas Temecula and Riverside County has to offer, but it is ultimately up to you to decide where you want to live.

#3 Realtor Search

Finding a realtor is one of the most important aspects of the buying or selling process. Your real estate agent ensures that the process goes smoothly and that all legal documents are handled on time and done correctly. Having a good real estate agent can mean the difference between a relatively stress-free process or a hectic few months with one problem after the other. Don’t get me wrong, many real estate transactions in California have small hiccups, however, a good realtor handles these issues for you and works closely with the Escrow company, Title Company, and the other agent to fix many unforeseen challenges.

Start early! Is never too soon to start searching for great agents located in Temecula. If you are a buyer, it’s always beneficial to find an agent that is very familiar with the area that you are looking to buy. Some agents, like myself, actually specialize in helping buyers find homes. This can be especially helpful because we are constantly viewing homes in the city and know exactly what the inventory looks like in different neighborhoods. If you are selling your home it is imperative to find an agent that will market your home actively using social media, door-knocking/flyers, and open houses. The last thing you want is an agent that with throw your home up on MLS and just sit back passively waiting for a buyer! By the way, if you’d like more information on buying a home in Temecula click here for our Home Buyers Guide.

How do I know if a Realtor is any good?

These days there are tons of ways to find a realtor, but sometimes it’s hard to tell if they are good at their job, isn’t it? There are a few great ways of researching a realtor before picking up the phone. The first and probably easiest way is to check out their Google reviews. Great real estate agents don’t have a problem asking clients for reviews after providing excellent service. So a sure-fire way to tell if they are doing their job well is by looking at the proof for yourself.

Now if they passed the first test, It’s time to check social media! Times are changing and we have to face the fact that most people search for everything online, including homes. It’s a great sign if they are active on social media, posting listings and information to Facebook, marketing on multiple platforms, or actively making useful YouTube videos. The biggest thing to keep in mind here is that you want an agent that is willing to work hard for you. Someone whos familiar with different marketing/ social platforms and who is active in the Temecula community will have more tools at their disposal to help you achieve your goal.

Above all, make sure you can trust the agent you decide to work with, and don’t be afraid to interview a few before making any decisions. Buying or selling a home is the biggest transaction most people will make, so making sure you have the right representation is very important!

Thank you for reading my blog, I hope you fount his information helpful. I am a licensed Real Estate Agent and specialist in the Temecula Valley and surrounding area. If you have any questions regarding the Temecula housing Market or Real Estate in general please contact me.

My direct number is 949-291-9401 and my email is [email protected]

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