5 Most Important Things You Need To Do When Selling Your Home In Temecula in 2021

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5 Most Important Things You Need To Do When Selling Your Home In Temecula in 2021

Over the past seven months  the housing market in Temecula has changed so much I thought one of the best blog posts and videos I could possibly do would be the 5 most important things you need to do when selling your home in Temecula in 2021! Because the market has changed so drastically, I needed to experience multiple sales to even understand the depth buyers are willing to go to purchase a home and get their offer accepted. I wanted to  talk with Cellars in Temecula directly about how they can make more money. Steps they need to take  to ensure successful sale with a higher price tag.

Home Values Mean Nothing

 you see it all the time on Facebook and YouTube and other marketing materials from real estate agents. What is your home worth? In this market, this means absolutely nothing. As a seller in Temecula, you need to figure out what  kind of offers you’re going to receive for your home and plan accordingly. You need to set up strategies to deal with offers 20000 or $30,000 over what your home is worth. How are you going  to get this transaction closed and get the money in your bank account. There’s a huge difference between getting an offer $40,000 above what the home is worth and actually being able to close on it.

Home Showings

 Are you ready for your life to be turned upside down for three or four days? Be aware that 15 to 20 people a day could be walking through your home. Are you going to be at work? Are you going to be around on a weekend?  personally? It’s so crazy I just take a vacation if I were you. Bottom line is you have to understand that there will be absolute Madness for 2 or 3 days while showing your home. In my opinion, having your home on the market for anything longer than 3 to 5 days is absurd. No offer is going to come in that’s much different than what you already have in those first three to five days. Start negotiating early, get your house pending and have your life back to some sort of sanity

Buying A House

 You’re in the driver’s seat when selling in Temecula, but what if you’re moving into another property? What if you need a house with an extra bedroom, or you want to pool, or you’re moving out of state? If you are contingent on selling your Temecula property, you’re just another buyer.  You are not in the driver’s seat anymore, you are not special, you go from being a hero to zero in literally days. 

How can you combat this? Make yourself a better buyer. Because you are  Superman when selling, negotiate a rent-back for 45 days. Give yourself an opportunity without being contingent on selling to get a home. Most buyers are going to even allow a rent-back without you paying the mortgage. In this market, buyers will almost do anything to get their offer accepted. Take advantage of that and make sure that you become a stronger buyer.

Cash Offers

 In certain situations this might be an option but in today’s Temecula market I would personally never sell to somebody giving me a cash offer on my property. It doesn’t matter what market you were in, the person offering you cash for your property is intending to make a profit. The problem with  cash offers in today’s market is  your house is not going on the open market. Just because the cash offer is offering to close in 10 days, not ask for repairs and promises to make an easy close doesn’t mean that you can’t get that on the open market. The reality is, you’ll get all of this on the open market plus you’ll get a higher offer. Be very careful  who you sell your property to if you decide to go that route. I personally think that you will be losing out on thousands of dollars.

Negotiate Negotiate Negotiate

In the Temecula housing market today the seller can literally negotiate anything they want. They are in the driver seat.  Make sure your agent goes to bat for you and negotiates typical seller costs.  Why not make the buyer pay for everything? Why are you paying termite? Why are you paying for home warranty? Why are you paying for repairs? Depending on the house, you could even have the buyer paying for HOA docs. This might not seem like much, but in the end these little costs out up and will be thousands of dollars. This Market is not going to be like this forever so take advantage of it and use it to pad your final numbers on the home sale.

Hopefully  these five things gave you some sort of idea of how the Temecula Market is in 2021. You need to take advantage of this Market while it’s here. Be very careful on who you decide to represent, make sure they  understand the market fully and in the end will make you more money. It’s a great time to be alive as a home seller in Temecula, make it count, enjoy the opportunity that you have in front of you. Many people are going to make a lot of money, just some more than others, depending on the agent they choose. 

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