6 Top Neighborhoods In Temecula, California!

6 Top Neighborhoods In Temecula, California! 

Being totally honest, there really aren’t any neighborhoods in Temecula, California  that I personally wouldn’t live in.  You could argue that every single neighborhood in Temecula has something to offer its residents. This blog and video will  go over  and explain neighborhoods in Temecula that give you different types of living. From agriculture to horse property, this blog post will give 6 top neighborhoods in Temecula that are worth looking into when searching for a home.

#1 De Luz

The De Luz  community and Temecula is the only unincorporated area in Temecula. It was formed in 1979 and residents are responsible for road maintenance and do hire the Riverside County Sheriff. 

Residents in De Luz  have 5 Homeowner associations and homeowners actually pay per acre of property. The larger the lot, the more you pay. Parcels in the De Luz Temecula area start at 5 acres and cost anywhere from $96 to $118 per acre. If you live on 5 acres, expect to pay around $500 a year. The HOA is modest and if you would like specific details Ralston is the property management company you can contact. Their phone number is 951-296-9030.

For an in depth look at De Luz, please see this blog and video


Why Would I Live Here?

De Luz Temecula has vast mountain view’s, large lots and is perfect for the person who loves agriculture. If you enjoy being outside or would like to start some type of business growing avocados, oranges are grapefruits, De Luz could be the area for you. 

Because the area is zoned agriculture, you will never have to worry  about population growth in that specific area. Developers are not going to come in and build thousands of homes because zoning will not allow it.

#2 Los Ranchitos 

One of the first communities that I ever produced a video on was Los ranchitos.  I truly feel that this area of Temecula is one of the most unique in all of Temecula. You have large Lots, zoned for horses and it’s very quiet but only minutes away from shopping, restaurants etc.  You literally have the best of both worlds. You feel like you’re in the country but have everything at your fingertips.

Every home in the Los Ranchitos area is custom. Holmes range from 1700 square feet all the way up to 6,500 square feet. If you’re looking for a more in-depth blog posts that talks about  nearby schools and has a specific video on Los Ranchitos please view here

Personally, I like Los Ranchitos a little more than Meadowview, another area of Temecula that allows horses. In my opinion, the houses are a little more spread out, less traffic and lots are more usable, generally speaking.

#3 Morgan Hills

This is probably my favorite community and all of Temecula, the only drawback is the tax rate. It will run around 2%,  with $100 HOA.  Having said that, you are living the life of luxury and beauty. The community is impeccably taken care of and every home has pride in ownership. The public facilities that include the pool, tennis courts etc  are absolutely beautiful with wonderful mountain views. If you commute for work, another thing you need to take into consideration when buying in Morgan Hills is how far it is from the freeway. This will add at least it’s 30 to 40 minutes to your commute each day 

Morgan Hills And The Wineries

Many people move to Temecula because of the wineries. Morgan Hills puts you right in the thick of things and you are just minutes away from  over 40 Wineries and the Beautiful Rolling Hills of the Temecula Valley.

 If you would like an in-depth video in blog post on Morgan Hills here you go

#4 Roripaugh Ranch

Roripaugh Ranch is a beautiful community in East Temecula. One of the best things about  Roripaugh Ranch  is it’s a relatively new community but the tax rate is on the low side for what you get. (1.6%)

One of the reasons I like Roripaugh Ranch so much is the investment side of it. With Somers Bend being built right now, this area of Temecula is going to be booming within the next five years. You are close to the wineries and it truly is a beautiful area of Temecula.

Roripaugh Ranch HOA

Roripaugh Ranch Temecula HOA has a beautiful pool, spa, kids play area, walking paths, tennis courts, basketball courts  and a fitness area. When you take into consideration the Roripaugh Ranch community being gated as well as having all these beautiful amenities the price tag of around $188 a month isn’t too bad.

 If you would like an in-depth video in blog post on Roripaugh Ranch here you go

#5 Harveston

Harveston Temecula is where I personally live. Yes, Harveston Temecula is an absolute beauty of a community ! The amenities are endless but one of the biggest reasons we chose Harveston, was because of the location. We work a great deal North of Harveston so living here cuts off hours in our car every week. People need to be aware, the  15 freeway gets really bad at nights going north, and it starts in South Temecula. If you are working or have employment towards San Diego, Harveston might not be the best bet for you.

Another reason we absolutely love Harveston is the convenience. We have WinCo, Costco, Trader Joe’s, the outdoor mall, and restaurants within 5 minutes of us. I could go on and on about the amenities nearby. If you can think of it, we have it. If you have lived in California for many years, you will understand how nice it is to be able to get to these things within 3-5 minutes.

I couldn’t leave out the Harveston, Temecula amenities. Parks, beautiful pool, baseball fields, soccer fields and of course, our own lake. Every morning, we wake up and walk around the lake a few times to get the day started. This is an absolute luxury and we are blessed to have this at our doorstep.  If you like being outdoors or have kids involved in sports Harveston is definitely a community you need to check out.

If you would like an in-depth video in blog post on Harveston, here you go

#6 Paloma Del Sol

The reason Paloma Del Sol made the cut? Because of the amenities inside the community.  If I was to pick a winner in regards to all Temecula of communities with the best amenities? Paloma Del Sol would be the top one or two.  Below I will put a link to an in-depth video in blog post on Paloma Del Sol but  here is just a quick rundown of what Paloma Del Sol has to offer residents.

HOA includes

  1. Multiple Pools
  2. Miles of walking paths
  3. Frisbee golf course
  4. Massive green space area
  5. Basketball courts
  6. Hottubs
  7. BBQ areas

You get all of these things and much more for around $100 a month. Paloma Del Sol, by far has the most amenities when you compare other communities in Temecula. 


Paloma Del Sol has a ton of amenities nearby, which include grocery stores like Albertsons, Walmart Island Pacific Market, and Stater Brothers. You have Temeku Hills and Redhawk Golf Course close by and also Ronald Reagan Sports Park with many activities for kids. They have baseball fields, BMX riding areas, soccer areas, and swimming pools with water slides that cost $1 for Temecula residents

If you would like to read an in-depth blog and watch video on Paloma Del Sol here you go

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