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14 Things You Should Know About Temecula, California
How far is Temecula from the ocean?

Temecula, California, is about an hour’s drive from five major beaches in Southern California. San Clemente Beach, Carlsbad Beach, Oceanside Beach, Encinitas Beach, and Solana Beach One of the best things about living in Temecula is the proximity to many everyday activities. Here is a great article and video comparing Temecula vs the beach.


Temecula California is known for its wineries, safety, weather, and affordable housing. Although home prices have risen substantially over the past 3 years, Temecula is still one of the most affordable cities in all of Southern California.

Is Temecula, California, a Cheap Place to Live?

When you compare Temecula to other areas of Southern California, it is one of the least expensive areas to live in. When you compare Temecula to the rest of the United States, yes, it is going to be more costly, especially when it comes to housing. In this video and blog post, we break down the cost of living in Temecula and the year 2023.

IS Temecula, California, a Good Retirement Community?

Temecula has great weather, golfing, good hospitals, and many local activities. If you’re looking for a place to retire and have the means to afford a home, Temecula, California, is probably one of the best places in America to retire. Here is a blog post and video explaining the five reasons why you should retire in Temecula, California.


Temecula does not get snow. In the winter months, the lows will get between 35 and 55 degrees in the early morning hours. These temperatures do not last long, as it warms up substantially by 9 or 10 in the morning. Here is a blog post and video explaining Temecula’s weather.

What airports are near Temecula, California?
Temecula has five airports within an hour’s drive. They include LAX, or Los Angeles International Airport, John Wayne Airport, which is in Orange County, San Diego Airport, Palm Springs International Airport, and Ontario Airport. For people who travel for work or pleasure, the proximity to so many airports is a huge positive for anyone living here. This blog post and video explain these five airports.

The population of Temecula is around 100 thousand people. Temecula has grown by more than 120 percent in the last 20 years. For many locals, this is a huge negative, which has contributed to very bad traffic depending on when and where you are driving. Mornings and evenings, of course, are the worst for traffic in and around Temecula.


The cost of living in Temecula can vary greatly depending on your lifestyle. In the video, there is an in-depth blog post about the costs for a family of four in Temecula.Temecula’s cost of living If you are looking for the cost of living in Temecula vs. San Diego, this article and video explain it in depth. Temecula vs. San Diego: cost of living

What major cities are near Temecula, California?

Major cities around Temecula include San Diego and Los Angeles. Much of Southern California is heavily populated, so there are many cities within an hour’s drive of Temecula with over 300,000 people.

What Kinds of Jobs and Employment Are Available in Temecula, California?

Employment opportunities in Temecula include the service industry, police, fire, education, and nursing. Temecula, California, is known for being a commuter city, and many people travel to San Diego for employment.


Temecula California is most famous for its wine region. Growing rapidly, Temecula is becoming one of California’s top destinations for wine lovers. Here is a blog post and video of the pros and cons of joining some Temecula wineries.

What is the average electricity bill in Temecula, California?

The average electricity bill for a 2000-square-foot home can vary greatly depending on whether or not you have a pool or solar power. If you do not have a pool or solar, expect to pay, on average, around $200 a month. This will increase dramatically in the summer months of June through September.


California traffic has increased dramatically over the past 20 years. With substantial growth and a lack of infrastructure in many areas, traffic can be very bad depending on the time of day. Here is a blog post that explains the 22 pros and cons of living in Temecula, California.

Smaller cities around Temecula, California, include:

Smaller cities that surround Temecula include Wildomar, Murrieta, Lake Elsinore, Menifee, Winchester, and Fallbrook. Fallbrook is the only city in San Diego County; the rest are in Riverside County. Here is a blog post and video comparing two of the more popular cities around Temecula, which include Menifee and Murrieta.

Hopefully, this article gave you a good idea of the 14 things you should know about Temecula, California. Temecula, California, is a beautiful place to live and raise a family.

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